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Original poster
Nov 16, 2006
Hello all! My name is Ryan and I am brand new to smoking meats. I'm hoping to get some good info out of this place.

I don't have a smoker yet as I am trying to decide on an electric or propane model; so any advice or suggestions would be more than welcome. I live in Massachusetts; so I'm hoping to find a model that will still work well enough when it is cold outside. The GOSM looks like it would fit my needs very well, but at the same time I don't know if an electric model would be easier. There is a Masterbuilt electric one that looks half way decent.... so any suggestions?

Welcome to the SMF, Ryan!

You have come to right place for info, fun and friendship and all of our smoke is not in the back room! :D

As for a choice in smokers I have a GOSM Big Block Gasser. And I love it. Used a fully modded ECB for a bit but my hectic life would not allow the time to nurture the fire.

I have never tried an electric model but we have a bunch of people here who swear by them and there is even a whole section for each type of smoker.

And your Massachusetts winters are a far cry from our times here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont! When I lived in MA I rode my motorcycles year round. Not possible here!

Point is just about any style smoker will do well in MA and the choice to make will most likely hinge on convenience. If you choose a gasser, buy an extra tank. If you choose wood, check on availability of reasonably priced wood. Same with charcoal, always have plenty on hand. And of course the same goes for flavoring woods!

So get comfy, set a spell and read through the various threads on the different types of smokers. And if you do nothing else here sign up for Jeff's 5 Day Basic Smoking Course! It is free and loaded with tons of good info for newbie and pro alike!

Welcome Ryan!

I too own a GOSM Big Block as a backup unit. As always, I recommend any newbie to start on a Stick Burner, so they can learn proper heat and smoke control and grasp the fundamentals before diving into a "set and forget" method of cooking. For some this is not an option due to work and/or time constraints, or lack of available wood.

It is however, the way to truly learn how to smoke food. I can also tell you first hand, there is a discernable difference in taste and end product.

Thanks for joining our little slice of Heaven!

Well, my wife and I have a 4 month old; so time isn't somthing I always have a lot of. Plus we live in a condo and don't really have anyplace to store wood. Electric and gas are really my only options right now.
Welcome to the forum Ryan

Ahem, I have the Masterbuilt you speak about. You described it as looking half-way decent and You are correct it's half-way decent. It produces Ok with little effort. If you want to produce Great Q you should maybe consider burning coal and sticks I think the Masterbuilt is a good entry level smoker for us old guys (like me) that can't stay awake all night. Personally I would not consider the Masterbuilt unless you are willing to Modify it some.

Go to the search area here and search Masterbuilt. It will find all that is going on with those of us that have them.

BTW the Masterbuilt will hold temp in cold weather and lends itself to using inside a shelter I use mine exclusively in my shop/shed with a good size fire extinguisher available. It won't hold temps well if the power goes off :oops:

Good Luck in your pursuit
Living in an Apartment does hinder you quite a bit. You're lucky you can use any type outdoor cooking appliance. Most of the Apt.'s here in South Florida don't allow a Grill of any sort on the balconies.

Good luck with your choice!

Hi Ryan, you'll find lots of great info here at SMF. Have you thought about going with a vertical smoker? Brinkmann has water smokers that use charcoal, propane or electricity. If you were to go with the charcoal burner, you'll learn about fire and heat control the SoFla mentioned.

I have a GOSM due to space and wood storage limitations. I love it! Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Welcome Ryan. I live in an apartment, smoke with wood, and love it! Wood storage is not a problem, I buy 5lb bags of chunks that take up no room at all. You will enjoy your smoking experience whatever you choose! Enjoy!
Hi All -

I am a basic newbie. Tryied a few things like ribs, pork shoulders and roasts. I have one of those Brinkman All-In One smoker/grill/ things that looks like an over sized spaggetti pot on stilts.

I got into smoking because my BBQ grill rotted out and while searching for a replacement I wanted something more flexbible - a smoker grill!

I grew up on a small farm and we always smoked meats, veggies and fruits every fall in this little building about the size of a small one car garage. The whole neighborhood did it at once. The stuff tasted like heaven!

Since then I've never found a ham I liked or a piece of bacon that tasted right. All who were involved back then have long since passed and I'd like to find a wat to recreate that taste. I know it won't be the same because I'll have to buy the meat and veggies and they aren't going to be naturally fed or grown but - it's a dream.

I am also quite the DIYer and make my own cheese and beer so hopefully we can share experiances. Here is my website, there are several tutorials to download on music, beer brewing and drum building. Hopefully when I get a new site I'll have the space to add one on cheese and smoking.


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