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Original poster
Sep 30, 2006
Lino Lakes MN
Checking in at the roll call. Smoked some salmon once or twice a year and an occasional bird for 40 years. Not an expert by any means. My Little Chief went to heaven and I just purchased a Smoke Hollow #4. Not a charcoal kinda guy. Electric smoker and gas grille.
Welcome Stevie!

Glad you are here. Check out the electric smoker section of the forum. Please consider taking Jeff's 5-Day E-course on smoking basics.

Please share any good recipies that you have. Ask questions and the friendly folks here will make answer.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Stevie, Welcome to SMF. Glad that you've joined us!

We have a number of members that use the electric smoker so you're in good company in that area. As has been suggested, visit the Electric Smoker forum.

Folks here are ready to help you immerse yourself fully into smoking meats. They will want to indroduce you to ribs, butts, fatties briskets and meatloaf-all from the smoker and there is even food porn (food pictures) to prove it.

Kick back open a cold one and check out the various forums that we have here.

Hi Steve .

I was going through roll call and I noticed a fellow Minnesotan so WELCOME !! SMF is a awesome site, lots and lots of info and Great people to help you out with all your questions.
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