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Original poster
Aug 21, 2006
My name is Norm, also known as Norm!!! (I get that cheers thing a lot)

I grew up in Iowa, had a farm with 10o's hickory trees. Nothing compares to trekking a couple of mile across the "wilderness" to cut down a tree use it for smoking. Or to have a neighbor elated that you will clean up and remove their apple tree that got struck by lighting.

Or grilling/smoking in adverse weather conditions, rain, sleet, snow etc.

I now live in Texas. Now I must learn to smoke brisket, I've mastered most everthing else. Now I buy my hickory wood at Home Depot 2.5 cubit for 10 dollars, at least it is a fair price.

My favorite thing to smoke/grill is chicken wings. I see there are many here that do, I've never seen so many in one spot. Been smoking chicken wings since 88 or 89, after I get comfortable, I'll post my how to with recipe, it was printed in a local Iowa newspaper a couple of years ago so I guess it's not exactly a secret to at least 500 people :) I've won some BBQ competions with them and look forward to finding somwhere to compete in DFW(Texas) area. I've even sold them at concerts my brother holds out on his land in Iowa. Selling to only a few hundred people at most my record was 90 lbs smoked/grilled in 6 hours. The only thing I have never acheived and would like to is crispy skin. I see others have acheived so I shall try again.

I got a Charcoal master grill with a vertical smoke box. An Austrialian square grill, a little table top weber, and still in Iowa, a homemade grill made out of a 4 or 500 gallon heating oil tank that I still need to move to Texas.

Anyway this looks like a great place to share information.


Hello Norm, Welcome to SMF glad to see that you found the place. This is a fun place to be. Grab a chair and a beer and get comfy.

Welcome Norm,

Glad you made it to SMF. Hope to see your recipe soon on your wings. Some of the folks have managed to crisp up those skins by taking the heat up a little. Jump in and ask or answer questions, grab a cold one and make your self at home.
glad to meet you!!!

you'll find many reasons to smoke and joke in tejas.
try the pecan wood for brisket. = yumm!

if your in the metroplex ---there is some around there somewhere.
Welcome to our little corner of the net... Grab a cold one, the cooler is over there. The gang is sitting out by the fire talking smack and showing off pics of their recent smokes. You can join in any convesation, or you can sit on the side lines. Either is cool, but it will be more fun if you jump in.

That brisket is a right o passage cook. You get it right, and you have bragging rights, you mess one up, and you will get to eat up the mistake, and another chance to get it right.

Here take another cold one while you look around.
NORM!! Glad you made it! This is a great place to be, lots of fantastic people make this internet smoke machine tick. I am VERY excited to hear that you have a killer recipe for wings. Wings are my second favorite thing to (with my best Fat Bastard impression) "put in my belly". Ice cold beer being the first! Looking forward to the wing recipe. Welcome Norm, enjoy!!
Thanks for all the welcomes.

Pecan trees? Oh, I got some of the growing on the property, one of the hangs over the pool. Not a good place for a tree... (homer impression) hhhmmmm pecan smoked brisket.


Sometimes you wanna go
Where everybody knows your name
And they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see
The troubles are all the same.
You wanna go where everybody knows your name. . .

Welcome to SMF, Norm-You have found the best smoking foods site on the 'net. I see that the 'regulars' here have made you welcome and Gary has shown you where the cooler is.

Looking forward to your participation on the Forums. Be sure to check out the Brisket sticky in the Beef forums. Read that and the other posts on briskets and when you do yours, you're neighbors will think that you're Texas born and raised!! :mrgreen:
Norm welcome to the SMF and a big welcome to Texas!!! :D

Pecan is my favorite wood for smoking brisket. 8) Let me know if you find a good source for pecan wood.
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