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May 1, 2006
Dubuque, Iowa
This is the first time I have been here don't know if I am doing this right but here goes I am building a smoker just want to know what everyone thinks if I am doing this right or not, Fist time for smoking also. I can use gas and wood or just gas or just wood. Thanks

Howdy Dave and welcome to SFM. Looks like you've got yourself a nice unit there and versitile to boot. You'll find that this is a great place to learn the art of smoking, everyone here love to share their advice.
Daveyhunter Thanks for responding to my post. I made the unit out of a stailess steel water trough cut one end out of it, stood it on end put shelves in it ,built a wood frame around it then insulated and then cased it in metal I took off of an old walkin cooler the door I took 2 smaller cooler doors and put them together to make it fit had to use what I had available the fire pit I had a piece of 1' dia. steel pipe and I put door on one end for wood fire and where the pipe enters the unit I cut a place for a small door for gas burner on top of burner is place for pot to sit for wood chips or what ever else sawdust if I want to use gas. put a damper in chimney and a slide damper in fire pit door. I will try it out this week end again thanks for looking
Welcome Daveyhunter, glad you found our corner of the smoking world.
With your unit you have the best of both worlds~gas and wood. Gas for when you don't have the time to tend a fire and Wood for when you do. Looking forward to hearing of your adventures using this smoker. BTW We like pictures-lot of pictures-especially pictures of food. :D
Hey Davey,
I wanted to welcome to the SMf. I think that the smoker looks great. I think that you are going the right direction with being able to use two fuel sources. I personally have not used any gas to smoke with but, I can see the advantage to it. Especially when you don't really have time to tend the fire. Keep us posted!!!!!!
Boy I tell you the people here are sure great thank you very much for the encouragement, I will let everyone know how things are going when I fire it up :D Again Thank you

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