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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 28, 2007
Durham, NC
New to the forum, been smoking in the backyard for about two years now. Looking to get on up to the next step. Mostly smoke full turkeys and jerky. I currently smoke with the Smokey Mountain Series 3405GW propane smoker. Been real happy with the unit. Looking to talk with people who an give me help on making spicy bbq jerky and other little treats that will make my friends think i am some sort of a cooking god!! haha, yea buddy!!
Welcome to SMF, browse around and try some of the things like abts, fatties, and all the other things that the friendly folks here love to smoke. They will bring your cooking rating up in a hurry.
Thanks for the welcomes, I have a question about cleaning the inside of my smoker(since I have not ever done it) and how to identify creosote?? Which forumn should I post to??
If you're talking about the GOSM in your intro post I would put it in the "Propane Smoker" section. Hard to imagine creosote in a GOSM propane model though.
Hello to you PotatoC, and welcome to the SMF, the only forum worth its weight in Q. So you've been smokin' in the backyard for about 2 years now, I spent 4 years smoking in the boys gym! After you've been around these folks, you'll have your friends convinced that you ARE a cooking/smokin'/grilling god... of sorts.
Welcome aboard the SMF! If you want to "kick it up a notch", check out Jeff's free 5 day ecourse... it is packed full of good stuff!

Have fun!
Welcome to the SMF
Welcome to the SMF,potatoC. You'll love it here. come on in, pull up a chair, get an adult beverage and enjoy the world of smoking.
Welcome aboard, as mentioned before, trying some of the goodies that are talked about on this forum, your friends will be knocking on your door as soon as they smell your smoke.
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