Hello, it's nice to "meat" you!

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cheryl in oregon

Original poster
Nov 13, 2006
Hello from rainy, windy Eugene, Oregon.

I have just "enrolled" in the home page's on-line tutorial about smoking meat. I found the website looking for recipes on smoking cheese, and I inventively managed to smoke some while I was making my jerky. Boy-oh-boy does it taste smokey! My husband handed the piece back to me that I gave him to try...Now, it's destined to be hidden in some food dish!

My ex-brother-in-law loves to fish for salmon, but his family didn't really eat any of it. I became the recipient of wonderful salmon, but one can only cook it in so many ways...It turns out that this same ex-brother-in-law also owned a smoker. I told him quite kindly that the next time he gave me salmon, he would also have to loan me his smoker so that I could smoke some salmon. I still have his smoker. It's an electric type named "Little Chief."

I have mostly smoked salmon and I've made several batches of beef jerky (who ever knew that I could've threaded the jerky onto skewers?). My biggest concern about using it thus far was whether or not I was bringing my food up to a temperature which made it healthy. We haven't been sick yet, but I have also been enlightened by reading about appropriate temperatures on the website. I have yet to try to smoke a large portion of meat. I was hoping to try something for Thanksgiving. Of course, the ex-brother-in-law won't be here to enjoy whatever I serve!

I also had a question for whoever may be interested. Has anyone ever smoked large bones for dogs? I just paid $2.99 for a smoked doggie bone! It would be nice to make the dog happy, too!

I look forward to learning so much more, and I assume that I'll probably wind up spending money for things like: meat cutters, thermometers, maybe a press to make sausage which I can smoke, etc.)
Welcome to SMF Cheryl, we're glad you found us!!!

Here is a link to a post including pics of some great looking dog treats and pretty good explanation of how they were made. This has gotta be one spoiled pup by now.

Dog Treats
Hi, Cheryl-Nice to have you join us here at SMF!

In jerky making, it's the combination of the salt in the marinade and the drying of the meat at around 200* that makes jerky relativly safe to eat. Getting meats above 145* (internal temp) for 10 minutes or so will also kill the beasties that can make you sick but how do you insert a temp probe in a REALLY thin peice of meat? :D

You'll find some great guys and gals that will help you along, so sit back with your favorite beverage and read through the forums and see what others have done. Lots of great food pics too!

Nice to MEAT you too Cheryl. Mmmmmm, did I hear wild salmon? A real treat for the smoker.

Be careful, I think I've ruined my dog just with the art of smoking going on around her. She now looks at me like she's hunting!
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