Hello from the Tarheel State...(not a tarheel fan though)

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Original poster
Jun 26, 2007
Cary, NC
Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I live in NC and just got a new Masterbuilt electric digital smoker. Just starting out with smoking meat...look forward to learning a lot!
Welcome Jeremy. You are at the right place. Ask away and someone either knows the answer or where to find it. You'll learn something new every time you visit. Keep us informed about your smokes and we just can't get enough Q-views. We're smoked food voyeuers.
Welcome to the SMF!!! This is the place to learn all about the art of smoking meat. Don't be afraid to ask questions as we all enjoy helping each other obtain the ultimate "Q". Glad you found us!
Welcome to the SMF
Thanks all...I'm looking forward to it...going to try and smoke some baby back ribs tomorrow using the 2-2-1 method. Quick question, the second "2", is that just heat with no smoke?
Welcome Jeremy -

You can learn alot about the fine art of smoking food here and meet many wonderful people willing to help you along the way. Have fun!
Also, how do you get the "blue smoke"? Is my understanding that happens by just not putting in a lot of wood chips?
Hi Jeremy, welcome. The second "2" is ribs wrapped in foil, so smoke is no longer needed. If you search "321" or "3 2 1" you'll see exactly how to do it.
Also, thin blue smoke is all you want, don't overload the little tray with chips, billowing smoke will put creosote on yer ribs and taste bitter. Less is more.
I just smoked turkey legs Tuesday and used hickory chunks instead of chips. I used to put a couple of cups of chips on the smoker and wait for the fire department to show up ready to put the house out. But with the chunks, the smoke was subtle and constant.

I soaked three pieces of hickory. One was a bit shy of a stump, the other two pieces were smaller and were placed right next to the electric element. The larger chunk I set toward the middle of the element.

It took about 10 minutes but eventually I noticed a faint smoke coming from the lid. Eventually it turned into a more noticable smoke, but again it wasn't like the house was on fire.

Soak the chunks if you want them to last longer. Don't soak them if you want immediate smoke and don't mind adding more chunks after 45 minutes or so.
Hello Jeremy and welcome to SMF, I have the same smoker as you , to keep the smoke thin and blue , add only 5-7 small snack cracker size chips to your chip tray approx every 20-30 min, should give you what your looking for
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