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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tf bbq, Jun 17, 2008.

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    My name is Doug and I have been BBQing/Smoking for around 25+ years. I have smoked in everything from a hole in the ground to an above ground rock pit. I engineered many of the devices from existing grills/smokers and various collected goodies, AKA junk. I got a Brinkmann SNP for Father's day. Now that I have a device that was constructed for the purpose of BBQ/smoking, my techniques will probably be useless.

    As I was going through college, I attended Memphis in May every year. That was my first taste of competition BBQ. It kind of got under my skin at that point. And every competition I have been scheduled to be in since, I have not been able to attend for various reasons. I will be going to my first competition on July 11th. It is just one at work but will be a good day. All the competitors want to compete but don't have the time. We have at times discussed forming a team but it never goes any where. Part of it is some want to be in the Memphis Circuit and others the KC circuit and then there's those punks from Texas :).

    I have been working on my sauces for 20 plus years. I have a sweet, sweet vinegar, sweet hot, a traditional hot, traditional and a ground mustard. I finally have the final recipe. I started making rub about a month ago and got lucky and have my final on it.
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    Welcome to SMF!
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    Welcome to the forum Doug!
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    Welcome Doug. Sounds like you are seasoned and ready to go.
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    Welcome, can't wait to hear about some of your "crazy" techniques
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    Welcome to SMF. There are lots of friendly folks around here with tons of knowledge and ideas. Just browse through the threads and check out anything that catches your eye. Be sure to throw your two cents in anytime you can.
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    [​IMG] Welcome to the forums and Happy Smoke Rings from Sedalia, MO. It sounds like you have the idea being taste motivated. I am much newer and have several "Fatties" under my belt, if you know what I mean? Semper Fi my friend. [​IMG]
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    welcome doug... im sure youll love it here.
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    Sound pretty inventive. I like that. Welcome.
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    welcome and careful what u say bout them Texans!
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    Great intro Doug! Welcome to our little slice of smokin heaven!
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    Welcome to SMF!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!


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    welcome to SMF. Your gonna like it here
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    Welcome aboard Doug, Lookinf forward to you imput.
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    I knew that would get at least one hit...

    One thing I have learned in life, it is no fun without rivalries, so if one is good, a lot must be really good so here are some other picks, Longhorns, Texas Aggies(They make the list even though they are an Army school), Tennesse Volunteers, Ole Miss Rebels, Goats (Navy), Falcons (Air Force), Auburn, Alabama, Florida, non-Army branches of the military and generally anybody who plays Arkansas or Army but that is just part of the short list. :). No body take the comments serious, they're all in jest. And just remember, it is all fun and games until an eye is put out, and then it is absolutely hilarious!

    Thanks for the welcome messages. Judging by the amount of welcome messages, this seems like it will be a fun place. I never met a smoker that did not a have a mile wide competitive streak. I look forward to talking to folks here.

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    Welcome Doug,

    I just moved away from Centerton in February. To bad, maybe we could have made good smoke buddies. Oh well.

    It sounds like you have a ton of experience already. Feel free to share any of those sauce recipes or your rub. I know some people protect that information pretty close though, so if that's you, I totally understand.

    Glad to have you around.

    GO HOGS!!
  17. Amen brotha sing it from the roof tops!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE!!!!!!!!! HAHA Cant wait for 9-13, the rivalry returns!!!!! All be it in Austin, Texas and Arkansas is always a good game, regardless of National rankings
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    Preach on brother, can I get a amen from the audience?
  19. and the angels sang Hallelujah! Petrino gonna lead us to the promised land, I freakin hope!!
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    Yeah, I kinda protect those. I ain't shared it with anybody. My kid's don't even have the recipe. I do help people shape their own and develop their own taste. My favorite has a sweet and hot taste that oddly enough does not any peppers in it. I was trying to make just a sweet sauce like a Memphis sauce without the heat. I got a little more heat than some sauces I intended to be hot.

    Rubs are easy and fun. Think about your favorite foods. Then think about the spices that make your favorite foods. Then think about those spices in terms of good smoked food. Then think about a contrasting flavor to go with it.

    A good base to start with for any rub would be:

    25% of your favorite brand of season salt.
    Garlic powder to taste
    Onion poweder to taste
    Chili powder
    Maybe brown sugar depending on your taste
    a little Old Bay
    Black peppar
    A little dry mustard, not a lot.

    Then add in what ever flavors floats your boat.

    Sauce, the secret I share with everybody is wickers. http://www.wickersbbq.com/productCat0.ivnu Most everybody I know uses it to create their base. I have tasted in just about every sauce from Ft. Smith to Pensecola. Oddly enough, the one place I have never tasted it is in a Missouri sauce and it is made in Missouri.

    Try a little cola in it. I like Dr. Thunder. A little fruit juice of your choice. I like OJ and grape. Do not put a lot in it or you will orange pork or grape pork. You should not really be able to taste either.

    Then add in many of the same ingredients you have your rub.

    Onion & Garlic powder
    Chili powder
    Maple Syrup
    Tomato paste
    Black Peppar
    White Vinegar
    Apple Cider Vinegar
    French's mustard, not alot or that is all you will taste.

    Those are some good ingredients for a base.

    The sauce can be the flavors you like. Like meat, the secret can be time. Even after I cook my sauce, it usually does not taste quite like I want it. But after I let it age for about a month, it is exactly what I want.

    And finally more of my secret is just talking to folks. Nobody will tell you everything about their sauce, rub or meat. I saw a guy in Sam's yesterday. He had 3 boxes of butt's on the cart. I went up and started talking to him to get what I could get.

    He has a custom smoker made by a votech class in OK. He was doing a fund raiser for a volunteer fire dept. He did give away his secret though. He said he does not have time to make his own sauce. He said "Head Country" is close enough to what he would make so he just buys Head Country.

    Normally I am able to get a little more from folks. He is only person I have ever met with a trailer smoker that did not make his own sauce and gave out his secret. Even more odd is he said he does not compete and just pulls the trailer out for friends.

    My sauce is conglomeration all of the Southeast from VA down except GA and KY. I have not been able to stop long enough there to find any Q and then be able to talk to anybody afterwards. I am also influenced by Oklahoma and Missouri BBQ.

    My sauce is heavily influenced by Memphis Barbecue. That is what I have had the most of. Away from that area most BBQ I have had was Memphis influenced as well.

    Now that I live this close to KC, I will probably start trying to learn the intricacies of KC BBQ. Most KC BBQ I have has been like KC Masterpiece, which I like. I tried some Gates BBQ and it was not my favorite. I will still try to tick it apart since so many people like it.

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