Hello from the great Pork state IOWA!!

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Jul 14, 2006
As it says i'm from Iowa, been BBQ'n for some time now and love it. hope to learn and pass on the little knowledge i may have
Welcome, feel free to share you knowledge with the rest of us. Smoking meat is like fishing, the ones who have been doing it for a long time, share what they know, those who are starting out, ask questions, and soak up knowledge.

What type of equipment do you have?
smokebuzz, welcome to SMF. Nice to have you here. Learning and Sharing what we know is what this Site is all about. Looking forward to your contributions.

Heya, Smokebuzz!

Welcome to the family! Looking forward to your posts!

Now, with all that outta the way, do you participate in raising pigs or do you just enjoy the end product? :D

Again, welcome! C'mon in and set a bit, enjoy the company and the camaraderie and swap a few funnies! We're a happy bunch!

grew up ona farm, grandparents, we had some stock, a little of every thing, mostly just freezer fillen for the fammilys, but we did have a extended family reunion each year and cooked up several hogs, chickens and some beef, and occationaly a lamb or 2, now i gotta buy my meat , hope that changes soon and can get a little farm bought up for me and the dots.
yo iowa dude,
glad to see a a neighbor to my due north.
hang around s0 you can answer questions
about hog raising.
and lamb cooking!!

aint you the hawkeye state.
Ya thats HAWKEYES and a fan of them, they tell me they are gona be good, we'll see.
Sounds like a plan. Smokebuzz! I have ten very private acres in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Have started a bit of a farm. Chickens are here and next year I will start keeping pigs. Will just buy feeders for now. Turkeys and a few sheep will follow. Then if I am still lacking there is always the super hunting and fishing right in my backyard!

In a few years when I retire, again, I will have plenty to do. Gardening is a big part of this thing too but was cut short on that this year. So by all means go for the farm and keep us posted. I already have several beer can chickens walking and squawking!
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