Hello from NW Arkansas !

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Original poster
Mar 29, 2007
Harrison, AR
Hiya all. I've been lurking the forums for a few weeks and drooling all over myself. This place is pretty cool. Lots-O-info and knowhow. You Guys and Gals are good.

Well, I have been smoking things for a few years on and off, mostly the big holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving ect... I started out on a 1980's model brinkman something or other. It didn't seen to work well for me. (might have been user error.
) So, I was fortunate enough to get a Char-Broil AGS as christmas gift left on my front porch a few years back from my aunt.
WOW what a suprise. Finally starting to get the hang of it. I just smoked a prime rib roast last week. It turned better than I thought it would. Anyway, I plan on doing about 4 racks of spare ribs this weekend with the 321 method. I look forward that.

Well, back to browsing and learning from this place...
see you around.
Welcome. Glad to have another razorbacker around. Born and raised in Southeast Ark myself.

Check out Jeff's e-course if you haven't already and be sure to post pics for us all to drool over.
Glad to have you with us jbg- Lurkers are always welcome here at SMF, especially when they decide to join the "smokey side". Glad that the Rib Roast turned out well for you.

If you run into a question or two on doing them ribs this weekend, shout out and somebody here will help you out.

I'll say it again(can't say it enough), you found a great site to learn just about all there is to learn about smoke'n food. Great people make this site the best I've been on.

I see your a PC tech, you better get ready as many of us will have questions about computers along w/ smoke'n.

Good luck w/the ribs this weekend, and as Dutch said, any questions at all just give a shout on the forum. Someone is always here that has the answers.
Happy to have you join us on the smokey side of the forum! You're gonna love it here!

Welcome jbg. Good to have you aboard. Feel free to share your smoking adventures and take from the site answers and knowledge that make your journey more enjoyable. Have fun
Welcome JBG -

Glad yo decided to stop lurkin! God luck with your ribs you can't go wrong with the 321 method. Don't forget to spray them with apple juice!
Thank you everyone for the welcome. I'm looking forward to staying awhile and learning all I can. Oh and BigAl, I'll help out as much as I can.
Welcome JBG. It's always good to see another Arkie on board. I'm in Mountain Home myself. You'll not find a better forum for smoking than this one.

Woo Pig
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