Hello from North Central ish Utah

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Jun 24, 2024
Utah Valley, Utah

New here and new to making my own stuff. I love to cook and have various outdoor devices. I have SNS Grills Kettle with the rotisserie add on option, Masterbuilt 800 with LSS mods, Weber Charcoal Summit Kamado (OMG i love the the WCSK) , (all these are driven by my fireboard 2 drive) a Blackstone 30 and a Traeger 34 Texas that i stopped using after my first charcoal grill and a propane burner for pots. I am of the belief of cook outside from May to October I always cook outside not in the kitchen.

2 christmas ago my sister gave me a Sous Vide wand and that in itself forced me to get a vacuum sealer. Then this April I bumped into 2 Guys and a cooler you tube channel and I heard the magical words "this sausage stores well in the freezer" and I said to myself "hey I got a vacuum sealer and a deep freezer in the garage I can do this!!!" so i got a simple Cabellas 8 grinder and a measly 5# stuffer. then the bug hit and I got a 22 grinder and a chamber vac (sitting on a 32 inch tall stainless table with wheels so i dont get hernias moving it) and a decent sized stuffer is on the to do list.

i have no clue what i can contribute but hope to learn stuff and then eventually share knowledge as well
Welcome to SMF from SE GA and sounds like you've got a pretty good arsenal at your disposal!

Welcome from Kansas, glad you joined us. Great peeps here, very helpful and polite. Take some pics of your next cook, doesn't matter what, we would love to see them.
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Welcome from Virginia. You landed in a great place, and it looks to me you've got the stuff to get on with!
Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you have the goods to make the goods. Welcome from Colorado. I lived at the bottom of little cootonwood canyon for a while for work. It’s hot there in the summer! Post some cooks!
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Welcome from Mississippi! You got a great array of stuff to cook with. But dont worry, we'll find more ways to help you spend money. Look forward to your posts and pics (we like show and tell around here).

Welcome from MW Minnesota in the summer. Wife and I retreat to our Florida residence for the winter.
This is a great forum resource for curing, sausage, and smoking meat.

its fascinating when you think you got "the stuff" something else comes along
This forum is infamous for enabling. Someone has a toy (tool) that is way cool. I've spent enough picking up the same.
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