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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bignick, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Hello Folks!

    I just recently inherited the Char-Broil H2O Smoker. In my opinion, probably the most mass produced (and cheapest) smoker on the market. It has a fire bowl, a water bowl, 2 grill racks, a swinging door, and the guage says warm, ideal, hot (which I think is very vague). I am definately a newbie, but I am a stickler for getting things right. I have mastered the art of direct heat grilling on my Weber, but now want to dabble into smoking.

    I Googled 'smoking meat' and found Jeff's site and have read every page not to mention the 5 day course that he puts out. My quick intro questions:

    Jeff talks about mods to the ECB (I am guessing this is what I have). What are the exacts to the hole patterns that he describes? (Or do you have any additional ideas?).

    Next: How can I add a gauge to know exact temp inside smoker?

    Thanks in advance, and i look forward to hearing back!

    Nick from Memphis
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    Welcome to the site................

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