Hello from Kansas

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Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Just wanted to say hello. I've been smoking meat for 10yrs but really got into it this past spring. I previously smoked on "bullet" type smokers w/charcoal and wood chips. I now have a traeger that burns wood pellets.

I am a brisket fan and my wife and kids like chicken, ribs and then brisket.

I will look for any reason to smoke something. This is my hobby, smoking meat while have'n a beer. Or is it have'n a beer while smok'n something.........either way is good.

I look forward to giving/taking opinions.
Welcome aboard, BigAL!

I am sure you will find ample opportunity to share your expertise, recipes and opinions here!

Looking forward to your posts!

Welcome BigAL! Either way works for me as well, as long as the beer is cold :D . Glad you found us. Post a picture of that Traeger, if you can. I was goofing around the other day and ran across the Traeger site. I read a little about the pellet smoking, looks interesting.
yo big al dude.

i quote you.

""I will look for any reason to smoke something.
This is my hobby, smoking meat while have'n a beer.
Or is it have'n a beer while smok'n something....""

the contriversial dilema continues.

sometimes i cant tell
if its a big ole good one --
or a good ole big one..

glad to meet you.

i luv this place
Welcome BigAL,

Glad you are here. Looking forward the pictures. Ask lots of questions. Give lots of opinions. The friendly folks here look forward to your participation in the ongoing discussions.


I looked at my pics for the first time in a long time. I've learned alot since then. I now like to do just packer briskets, with point and flat. I separate the flat from point after smoking and slice the flat in about 1/2" slices(everyone I cook for likes very tender brisket). Then I cut the fat off the point and make burnt ends with the point. I add extra seasoning and put it on the smoker for another 3-4 hours. Not really "burnt" ends, but we like it much better than just slicing the point.

I didn't used to foil my briskets, but now I like the juice to pour over the sliced up flat and I get my bark from the burnt ends from the point.

We also like boston butts. That is what the wife likes anyway, and ya'll know that a happy wife makes a happy man.

My ribs SUCK!!! I've never liked how my ribs turn out. I/We like beef ribs and I haven't practiced them enough to get them down right. Winter project, along with fixing up farm equipment.

The pic of the pig was one of my kids(8 yr old girl, 11 yr old boy) 4-H pigs.

The pic of the buffalo is from a buffalo and cattle feedlot about 1/2 mile from my house. Buffalo are pretty wild compared to cattle. I used to scrape the snow outta the pen in the winter and they didn't want me to get out of the tractor to open the gate. They didn't want me to get hurt from the buffalo.

I quit scraping pens to raise ostrich. My Dad, Mom & I raised ostrich for about 6 years. Good meat, but hard to beat a t-bone steak. Made the best chili ever with ostrich meat. Wild storys with that venture.

Now we finish pigs for a corp. We currently have about 50,000 head of pigs........none of which we own. 4-H pig did not come from the hog lot, yet another story from which I'll raise my own pork from now on.

I don't have any livestock on the farm today, plan on putting cattle on wheat pasture this winter...........fun times when it snows or elec. fence goes down, yet another story.

As you can see, I have plenty of meat around me to smoke.......and plenty of stories to tell while smoking said meat and drinking some of the finest beer in the world.....Milwaukee's Best. :roll:

I can get you info on buffalo meat if your interested. Feedlots name is BeefBelt feeders. Google them and you'll find their site. Any questions about where your food comes from and I'll either tell you what I know or lie
which ever you prefer.
Welcome aboard BigAL,

Looking forward to lots of good pics of pellet smoked food.

I used to raise hogs in Arkansas a few years back and I sure don't miss that :shock: . My hat is off to you.

edit: Have you ever smoked a Buffalo brisket?
Rodger, no I have not smoked a buffalo brisket. Only steaks and burgers. Buffalo is pretty lean, don't know how it would do on a smoker. It is on my "to do list"
Welcome to SMF, Al! Glad to have you here! I used to work around livestock, so I know a thing or two about the industry (from birth to the slaughterhouse). Dad owned a butcher shop and we specialized in farm or 'custom' kill (We ran our own kill truck). We also sold "locker" beef, pork and the occasional lamb that we would order in from a local packing house.

Nice looking pics (what we fondly call "Food Porn" :D) You keep posting 'em and we'll keep lookin' and droolin'! :P
Welcome to SMF BigAl!!! Nice looking pics in your album. Being a "brisket guy" too they make me hungry. That top brisket is one fine looking piece of meat.
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