Hello from Kansas City

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Original poster
Jun 2, 2006
Kansas City, MO
Hello Everyone! This is the best forum runnin! I am also a newbie to this fine hobby of smokin, and can't wait to get started. Just got a Char-Broil Smoker with the side firebox yesterday, stayed up and put it together so I could cure it today and get to Smokin, but as luck would have it, it's raining! Hopefully it burns off soon and I'll get started! I look forward to talking with you all in the future!
Dan (Future American Royal BBQ Winner)
Dan "Future American Royal BBQ Winner" now that's what I call a positive attitude-welcome to the Smoking Meat Forums!! To get you on your way to that Championship Trophy, check out tulajeff's Smoking Basics Course, you can get this course through e-mail or by audio CD. It'll will help you get a running start.

Lot of folks here will help you along the way-some even cook competitively too so maybe they can give you some tips and ideas.
Howdy Dan and Welcome. What part of KC are you from? There is a large MO contingent on this site and we'd love to welcome you to it.
Hi Dan,
Welcome to the forum. Don't hesitate to ask questions everyone here is so helpful. Just let us know if we can help. Yea what part of KC, the mo folks would like to add another member!!!
Welcome again!!!
What's up everyone! I'm from the northern part of KC. Im a stones throw away from Worlds of Fun, if that helps. I look forward to meeting up with some of of you MO natives, and eatin some good Que!
Hi Dan, I use to use a bullet type smoker back in the early 90's and then used my webber and finally I got a char-broil smoker with the fire box on the side and have gotten some great results. Having never used the firebox type smoker before The folks here helped out alot. I been smoking almost every weekend even in the rain.

Hello Dan
I want to welcome you as a fellow Missourian to the SMF!!! Jene and I are from N/C missouri. We are getting a strong group from MO. I agree we all should get together and eat some good Q!!!
Welcome aboard, Dan!
I see you have set some high goals for yourself! Way to go! You have certainly popped into the right place to learn as well as to share your own experience! I am getting a bit jealous, though, of the growing family in your neck of the woods. There aren't too many of us in Northern Vermont! Enjoy your time with us!
Howdy from an old East-side KC boy that needs to get back home this summer. Sure would like to attend the AR some day.
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