Hello From Kansas City/Independence Missouri

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Hello to everyone, and thank you for letting me join your group!

I am Frank, a 42 y/o single father of 2 teen girls ( Lord Help Me ), I just got my first smoker, a very nice offset char-broil double door smoker, and as of right now I have 1 smoking session under my belt, but look forward to many more!

I live in Independence MO, a suburb of Kansas City ( Home to the American Royal BBQ cook off ).

I look forward to getting to know everyone, from what I have read so far, you all seem to be a great bunch to hang out with.

Well thats enough for now, any questions just ask!

here is a link to the smoker I got, it was my Birthday gift from my sister, do you think I am worthy? LOL


Have a Great Day, and keep the smoke out of your eyes!
Welcome aboard. Great place to learn and share. But I have a question? With too teenage daughters, I would have thought you would have invested in a rocking chair and shotgun for your front porch.
Welcome to SMF Frank... Glad you stopped by to join us! Ask questions, share your experiences and please post pictures (Q-View) of your creations...
Welcome, glad you joined us...

I will be in Overland Park, Ks next week, are there any local sauces, rubs, spices, etc. I should seek out to bring back?
Always glad to have more MO folks on board. You're gonna be busy with two teenagers of any gender in the house let alone two females. Send up smoke signals when you need help! Looking forward to your posts.

Keep Smokin
Welcome To SMF... I used to live in Independence but moved to Oak Grove. Glad to see another KC representative. Good lookin smoker you got there. My sympathies on the two teen daughters. I have a 3 yr old daughter and have taken up working out and hunting(legal reason to have guns in the house

Welcome and smoke on!!!
Thanks for making me feel like I joined a group of good people, looking forward to asking for help, I know I will never smoke alone.

And yes the smoker will be in service for the 4th, I have 2 very nice black angus roast in the prep stages, and 10# of Leg quarters ready to go, trying something I saw on food tv with the roast, cut slits in one and stuffed each one with a clove of garlic, as for the second one I have injected it with good old Itialin Dressing, and covered both with a store made BBQ rub, looking to start making my own rubs soon, but this gets me started!

I WILL let everyone know how they come out!
Your rep power is given to you by your experiance. People ad to it by the amount of help you give others, recipes, and also the great smoke ideas you come up with...

Have fun and smoke on!!!
franco it is always good when your rep power goes up. It is kind of a complicated thing on increasing the number though. As I understand it, the number increases by your posts, others giving reputation points, and your position with the forum.

You've noticed that your power is 1 with (at this time) 13 posts. But in reply #16 stillcajun has 61 posts (again at this time) and also has a rep power of 1. It is kind of a mathmatical increase which isn't a 1 to 1 increase or a 1 rep power point for X number of posts. You can add to others rep power by clicking on the scale icon - again it's not 1 for 1 when you add to their rep power.

All I can say is watch your number and check the CP panel at the bottom for reputation point comments. Also be helpful, share info, and be just a regular good member.

Keep Smokin
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