Hello from Jacksonville North Carolina

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Original poster
Jul 5, 2007
Jacksonville NC
How are y'all doing. I have been Reading and surfing the site for a while now. Y'all sure know a lot about smoking meat. a little bit about me I am an new car parts dept manager. I am married with two boys. one could care less about cooking and the other is under my feet wanting to help and learn every thing he can. My hobbies are playing the Banjo,ridding my motor cycle, playing golf, I also have a circle track race car that I race .And my new love smoking meat on my gosm. I have a great outdoor big block smoker that I bought from bass pro. so far I have smoked some ribs using Jeff's rub recipe and a pork but for pulled pork sandwiches. thanks for all y'alls information already.
Welcome to SMF,and hello from Canada,glad you decided to join up,lots of great peeps here ,post pics if you can we all love em...see ya in the forums.
Welcome to SMF blizzardsnest! Check out Jeff's free 5 day ecourse... it is chocked full of great information that will help you out alot.

Have fun!
Welcome to the SMF, which one of those hobbies are you going to give up now that the smokin bug has got you
Welcome aboard!! I lived outside of Jacksonville back in 88 - 91, when I was in the USMC...then I got out and lived on Topsail Island for a few years. Loved North Cacalacky! Since you've been surfing here, you know the plethera of knowledge available...Get that camera out your next smoke!
I'm Happy that you are now a member of the SMF. I know you'll enjoy all there is to read here, just pick a topic. Don't be shy, and post some Q Views when you feel comfortable.
Hey Blizzard, welcome to SMF. Y'all got a got reciepe for southern vinegar BBQ sauce? I love the taste and after I ordered a case online, from NC, and had it shipped to Montana, I could see that I couldn't afford to do that again.
It seemed like the stuff that I bought must have had a small amount of tomatoe product in it cause it wasn't as thin as the ones with just vinegar and red pepper flakes.
Thanks, Terry
Welcome to the forum. You'll find a lot of good folk here anxious to help you with any questions. We're also eager to learn from you and see what you're cooking. Don't be shy with that camera!
Welcome Blizzardsnest -

You'll be an expert in no time! I play Scruggs style banjo myself - it's a real fun instrument. Ejoy thr forum!
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