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Original poster
Dec 7, 2006
North Florida
Hey All, Joined the ring a few years ago, but I changed computers and now have re-signed up. Live in Sunny Ocala, Fla. I have a natural gas grill, a webber kettle, and my pride & joy a Char-griller pro with side fire box. Mods include, extending the smoke stack , ceramic briqs. throughout and I added a themometer at the top (One that comes with the char-griller is a joke. ) Thats about it.

I have been using the smoker for about three years and have mostly mastered (in my humble opinion
) butts, ribs and chicken. I have NOT mastered brisket and will smoke my first turkey this Christmas. I have smoked butts for my office Christmas party the last few years, and now I have to do them for special occations for my co-workers. It's a little work , but really fun.

My kids like it when I cook butts 'cause then they can make Daddy Butt jokes. :) Anyway, I look forward to reading more great tips on this site in the future. -Smokinggator
Welcome back to the SMF Gator! I also use the Char-Griller with side firebox. Interested in your mods.
Did you extended the smokestack to grill height?
How about the ceramic briqs? Can you get any details to me?

Again welcome back.

Welcome back smokinggator!! Do let us know what your old User name was. We might be able to jump start it again for you.
Hey , Well not sure what my "name" was... Either something with Gatortuba or Omen, I was still getting updates via e-mail, but I was at work the other day, and I had no clue what my name was, we also changed computers a few weeks ago so lost that info also. Anyway on to the important things.

First, the smokestack extension is to the grill. I originally used a Dryer hose as the extention, but I then switched to several layers of heavy duty foil folded in a big tube. The next thing I did was add a much better Thermometer. (See pic) . Then I bought some ceramic briquettes (see other pic). Then I added another thermometer (this time a candy through the hole on the top of the bottom half) on the side (opposite of the firebox) . I found the briquettes help spread out the heat. I was at Lowes today and a bag of 50 only cost about $6. What I have done is bunch the briqs up where the heat comes in and then have then break out to do a sort of checkerboard pattern. I take them out if I need to direct grill.

This past weekend I cooked three large butts, 8.5 , 8.5 and a 9. I put them on a midnight, and took them off around 4:00pm. I got up around 2:30 am and the main thermometer was running high at about 255% so I basically closed all vents and flipped the right and left butts (left the one in the middle alone). Woke up at 6:30 it was at 210% . I was then able to monitor every hour or so the temp fairly close to the 225 area. really did not do anything until around noon when I wrapped them and threw on more coals.

Gave one butt to a friend and had family have the other two. THEY WERE GREAT!!! I was not happy with my bark, but I am the only one who noticed. Was not as cruchy as I like it. Anyway, any questions, let me know.
Wood chunks were added about 2:30, 6:30, 8:00 9:30 and the internal temp of the meat went over 140 after that so I stopped. Wrapped around noon, cooked until 4:00.
Thanks for the info Gator. Makes plenty of sense on the briqs. I'll make a run down the aisle when I'm in Lowes tomorrow. (Seems like I'm in there way to often. 2wice today.)

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