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r2 builders

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Sep 12, 2016
Escondido , California
I am new to smoking and looking forward to lots of information found on this site.
I have so far smoked beef ribs, brisket and a whole turkey.
The turkey and the brisket came out all right the ribs were under done.
I am using a Masterbuilt 30" two door propane smoker with these mods
- ditched the chip pan and are using a 10" cast iron skillet on top of a cookie rack, this lets me move the skillet around without it hanging up on the burner.
- built a skirt out of cement board to wrap the base of the smoker to ward off the wind.
- added a needle valve to get better control of the flame.
- swapped out the water pan for an 11x7 foil pan.
- gasketed the doors with nomex tape.

Anyway looking forward to exploring the site and sharing information and tips.
The water bowl isn't for adding moisture! Yeah, I know - but I learned this over the years and on this site. The moisture comes from the meats.

What the water pan does is add density to the cooking chamber and allows more even heat, so its a heat sink. Best to fill with sand, cover with foil and forget about it.

For ribs - Pork is best to use the -- method. For Beef - good Beef ribs with meat on them - 8-9 hrs in 225. PErfect everytime.
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