hello finished my smoker today

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by bwillz1986, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Hello from southern maine finished my vertical charcoal smoker today I gotta play army so im going to test it next weekend ill include qviews it took me forever to get the door right anyways give me some feedback or thoughts on potential problems thanks
  2. lamar

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    Welcome aboard.........looks like you have done a lot of work on that cooker. Looks good. I wonder if the stack is large enough and what are you doing for inlets?

    what part of S. Maine are you in? I'm in Bridgton.
  3. first off thanks for looking at my post. Im from sanford. I have a 2 inch pipe for the outlet withan in 1 1/4 inlet both with valves on them so they can be adjusted im more worried about the inlet being big enough. I spent most of my time trying to get the door right it sprang 4 inches. Anyways im going to prob do a tri tip and some burgers on it for the first cook im mad that Im busy this weekend im dreaming of smoked meat
  4. lamar

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    Well then........you are just like the rest of us.......hooked on smokin'.

    The outlet in the pix didn't look that big to me. Guess my trifocals need upgrading.

    Good luck on the trial run.
  5. hambone1950

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    Wow. That looks really cool. Can't wait to see some good Q coming out ! Good luck.
    Hey , just for giggles take a picture of that smoker with a human being next to it so we can gauge the size of that beast.
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  6. 1st smoke on the new smoker 2 pork tenderloins brined for 7 days in maple syrup water curing salt rinsed and soaked last night and dusted with brown sugar pepper and garlic 1100 in the smoker at 160 well see qviews to follow
  7. It came out more like buckboard or what I guess b.b looks like I have never done it but not bad for my first attempt at any bacon. I need to soak it longer or use less salt. My wife has been eating it faster than I can cut it so I guess it passes
  8. bobank03

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    looks great to me! great job on the smoker. Keep us posted! 

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