Hello fellow meat lovers!

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Original poster
Dec 30, 2006
Union, WA
My wife loves to surprise me at Christmas by buying me something I did not include on my wish list.

This year she set out to buy me a smoker and had decided to get me a Little Chief. Fortunately (for me) she wound up talking to a guy at Sportsman's Warehouse that changed her mind.

Apparently she reached the salesman on the phone and started explaining exactly what she was looking for, having done the prerequisite searching on the internet. About a minute into her diatribe, he stopped her.

"Little lady if you stop talking for a moment and listen to me I will set you straight", he interrupted.

My wife immediately thought, ok I'll let this jerk talk but fat chance I am going to buy from him. However 5 minutes later she found herself saying, "So how much longer did you say you were open tonight?"

So...rather than getting a small, electric, aluminum smoker for Christmas I am the proud owner of a 42" tall, 18' x 18" gas Camp Chef Smoke Vault that looks great next to my trusty old Weber and my stainless gas grill. My back deck is now a meat-lovers paradise.

I have been cookin' meat for the last 20 years but this is the first devise I have owned dedicated solely for smoking. It didn't take long for me to find this site and spend a fair amount of time reading through the various posts. Thank you to everyone who participates and shares ideas. I look forward to doing the same.

My 15 year old son and I marinated about 5 lbs. of beef roound top last night and have it in the smoker now. We will let everyone know how it comes out.
Welcome to SMF caveman!!! Sounds like you have one fine woman on your hands there. Congrats on the new smoker and look forward to seeing the results of your first smoke. Remember, we love the pics here. ;)
Welcome to the forum caveman. Looking forward to pic's (food porn). I almost bought that same smoker. Let us know how it works for you.
Welcome to the forum caveman, we look forward to your posts and pics.

Keep Smokin
You know, if I had read further in this forum I would have recognized the number one problem that everyone faces.

There is never enough!

The first 5 lbs of beef jerky tasted so damn good, I have had to hide it in 3 different places! Sent about 1/4 of it home with the neighbor - he was kind enough to hide my smoker in his laundry room for a couple of weeks before Christmas so I wouldn't see it. Good thing he keeps the beer out on the porch this time of year. He also sat and shared some good holiday ale with me during the last hour of the smoke.

So...seeing that I would not be able to stop there, I am currently doing up 3 lbs. of pork that was on hand. Marinaded it the same way but added some teriaki for more sweetness and am using cherry wood chips (apple might have been better). I just might have to go rumage through the deep freeze to see what else I can throw on. Otherwise the dogs better go hide.

I will post some pics on the next round. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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