Hello everyone, my name was Dickeydoobbq, and I am a smoker

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Sep 26, 2006
Hello everyone, and once again, please allow me to thank all of you for having me here.

The nature of my post is to let all of you know that I have changed my username to agree with the tag in my signature. While I'll still answer to Dickeydoobbq, ddbbq,dbq, or even Hey a**hole, Smoky Oky just seemed easier. Sorry for any confusion.

Well.. "A rose by any other name is still a rose"

Change is duly-noted....BTW I like it
Change is good, Tim. SmkyOky it is
Welcome to SMF Smoky Oky, or whoever you are. My I suggest you start off on the right foot and sign up for Jeff's 5 day smoking meat e-course.

Is this your idea of a mid-life crisis? What's next, you gonna go behind my back and give your spoonies away to charities?

Sorry Ultra, I couldn't resist.
I signed up for the 5 day course. Now I'm thinking about buying a smoker. Do you think I should go with the electric, or the stovetop model like Emeril uses?

Buy you a charcole or wood smoker and learn the basics .In my "opinion "this is the way meat was intended to be smoked.
If'n you get really good and are really helpful to the newcomers, we might even make you a member of the OTBS!!
That picture doesn't look anything like my hubby and he's the only man I know that will answer to ' hey a#*hole '
! On a more serious note, we welcome our newly renamed buddy to the fray. Enjoy
! Daun
Welcome back smkyoky - do you have a twin brother around here - you look awfully familiar. Too bad you don't have the "donate" feature any more, you could have pushed yourself right back up the Smoke Stream.

Like the new name, it goes!

Keep Smokin (no matter who you are today)
This is funny. I can actually welcome someone to the forum, who has been on this great fourm longer than I.
Welcome to the SMF SmkyOky.
I'll still answer to Dickeydoo, so feel free to call me that anytime you want.

When folks come over for Q, It'll still be dickeydoobbq. A friend named it that. He claimed it was so good that it made you eat so much that it makes your belly stick out farther than your.......

Well you get the idea.

Thanks all for the warm rewelcome.

He claimed it was so good that it made you eat so much that it makes your belly stick out farther than your.......

Shoes ?????????
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