Hello everyone!! Lisa from Colorado.

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HI! My name is Lisa and I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am not totally new to smoking meats, but I have alot to still learn (still trying to figure out how to smoke cheese w/o it melting).

I have a larger gas grill that most people own, and a big ole round Weber charcoal grill, and little tiny Weber baby one (for just when I just want roasted marshmellows) :) And then I have a small bright red charcoal smoker, and a large square propane smoker.

The smaller red one is called, "DUH, big red fire truck", 'DUH' for short. The name is from a blonde joke, remind me to tell ya :) Still need a name for the big black square smoker.

Can anyone have too many grills and smokers?

Oh, did I meantion I also have a deep fryer for turkeys, and the burner, it converts to frying fish in my 18' cast iron skillet!

I read and search for all kinds of recipies but it always boils down to just whatever and however you like to eat, it is just more fun with new friends. Thats why I am so happy to have been told about this forum!!

I hope I can contribute a third of what I think I will learn here

Thanks for having me,


Saw alot of WV Hillbillys here while checking the place out, that is where I grew up. Send a shout out to me :)
Welcome to SMF, Lisa. Check out Jeff's 5-day Ecourse. JThere are a lot of friendly folks here who are willing to help with any questions you have, all you have to do is ask. Enjoy.
KWRV...I am glad you replied, I couldn't remember your name when asked who showed me to this site, and RV Net is down and I couldnt look you up! But, THANK YOU, I have loved looking at everything, (for the last 2+ hours).

Welcome the SMF Lisa! Glad to have another "hillbilly" hanging around the place. You will enjoy the folks here, very friendly and willing to help.
Lisa, you're welcome. And there's no politics here! I know you're thinking about home made smokers and it's all here. Welcome. It's all good!
welcome to SMF Lisa...

if you are a DIYer like most of us around here, i can help you out with an idea for you to smoke cheese on what you already own..

aluminum heating duct, an aluminum or black chimey pipe and some tinkering,,, there you have a cold smoker using your little weber flowing into your big weber


welcome to smf lisa, this from a person who was born and raised in colorado!!!! to smoke cheese you need to do it in a cold smoker which means temps below 100 degree's......
Now, THAT is one really great idea!! Where does the shine come out from?....er....cheese, yeah, cheese, thats what I meant. (you can take the girl outta WV.......) I am totally excited about this forum!

Lisa :)
in teacups post, the cheese would be in the top unit, the smaller bottom one is generating the smoke and by the time the smoke has traveled up the ducting it's lost enough heat to keep it below 100 degrees. I have a similar setup using my mes unit to generate the smoke and it feeds similarly into a modified old luhr jensen big chief unit......
also lisa....when smoking cheese, moderation is the key....don't take alot to make it over smoked.....so basically in the cold smoker setup keep it at half hour or LESS.......honestly, otherwise you have a major smoked chunk of cheese that may be not tasty at all....
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