hello everybody!

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Original poster
Sep 17, 2006
Jaffrey N.H.
Hi, my name is Dale Bernier, I live in New Hampshire. I have been cooking for years. Just recently I have gained interest in SMOKING (Real Barbeque!) I watch the food network, Alton Brown inspired me to make a cardboard box smoker. Sounds crazy, but it worked. (The best pork shoulder to date!) Now, my brother and I are making a "custom" smoker. We are using a Weber Smokey Joe, and a 35 gallon steel drum. I was inspired by the Weber smoky mtn. smoker. I dont have the $$$ to purchase one, but I the materials to make one shouldnt cost $250. My brother works at a scaffold mfg. plant. He has welding knowledge and access to most of the materials needed. Stainless steel expanded wire screening for the racks etc. etc.
Does anyone have advice for me? I am thinking of wrapping the smoker using automotive heat/sound sheild. Winter months are usually quite cold up here. I havent started the construction yet, I am still planning, and gathering all the needed materials.
Welcome Dale,

Glad you found us. There are several of us who live where winter reigns supreme. This will be my first winter with the smoker. My GOSM sits on a roofed patio. I may need to rig a tarp to adjust for windage. I don't think I will need to insulate the smoker because it is gas fired. I'll probably use a bit more gas.

Ask lots of questions. The friendly folks here will share knowledge. Please consider taking Jeff's 5-Day E-course on smoking basics.

Do good and have fun.


Welcome aboard, Dale!

Your custom project sounds very interestiing. Please post photos as you progress in the building process

As for cold weather smoking my only suggestion is that if you have the time to tend your fire and keep a burn barrel full of hot coals you should not have to worry about wrapping your unit. But you must have a wind break. I live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and the wind is the major factor here. Your unit will beat the cold but not a steady breeze. And as the wind comes and goes it can cause your temps to fluctuate.

My occupation does not allow much time for anything in the winter months but I do plan to try to get a few days away in January to host a small party. We'll see how the smoker wotrks then!

BTW my GOSM was opnly $189.00 delivered to my door!

Welcome Dale, Great place here. Just joined yesterday, and have learned quite a peice already.
Dale, Welcome to SMF. You have found the best site for learning about smoking foods and `que.

Folk here are willing to share what they know, so don't be too surprised when you post a question and end up more than one answer. Bear in mind that we all have our own techniques that work for us so any answer you get is will be a right answer. :D

Check out the different forums and see what others have done and check out the awesome recipes that are posted here.

Looking forward to seeing you in the forums!

Dale, welcome. I have yet to smoke in the cold winter months out here in Colorado, so this will be new for me as well. The winters here are not as bad as they are in NH. I was born in Concord, my Dad still lives there. Any way, welcome to the site, enjoy!
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