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Original poster
Aug 7, 2006
New Bedford ma
I just ordered my new gas smoker from amazon.Its a great outdoors $189.00 (free shipping). I'm so excited I don?t know if if it comes with a tank.Is this the big block everyones talking about? I'm glad I found this forum.I just did a beercan chicken using indirect heat on my small char-broil gas grill and it was really good.. (used dr pepper instead of beer). The reason for the new smoker is I need to be out of the house more since all the operations I've for the various breaks and maladys. ANNNNyway.... I'm glad to be here and will be reading., reading and more reading. You guys and gals are awsome. So Thankyou in advance for all the dumb questions I know I'll have to ask... roli
welcome aboard roli,

I'm sure you will be soaking up lots of sunshine when that new smoker gets there.

Be sure and ask or answer questions as necessary and keep us up to date on your smokes.
Thank you. I'm pretty sure it will be a pork roast of some sort. (and some veggies) and ribs too. I wanna do it all...roli
Welcome Roli, Sounds to me like you are going to be making some pulled pork sandwhiches, or will it be some smoked pork roast. In any case, you are going to love the meat you prepare while you are relaxing and getting some outside air.
Roli, welcome to SMF! You're goning to enjoy that GOSM. Several of us on this forum uses on version or another of it. Sadly, it doesn't come with a tank. You can steal the tank off of your chargiller or get another tank so they each have one.

Glad to have you here! You've got to get us a picture of your new baby (when the stork delivers her), and your first smoke. Get ready to live!! Welcome.
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