hello bbq brothers

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Original poster
Sep 29, 2006
Upstate New York
hello..I joined this forum to gain your all expert advice on the proper way to smoke. I own a Chagriller smoker with a side frebox. I have used it with limited success. The firebox seems to get too hot and the food seems to be coated in soot rather than smoke.
Welcome! Sit yourself down and maybe crack a cold one! You will find all kinds of info here! Buncha good folk!
Make sure you check out Jeffâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Smoking Basics eCourse, It will give you a good overall look at Queing!
Sounds to me like you are smoking a bit too heavy, if you are getting soot (creosote) on your food. We like the thin blue smoke here! Thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s all ya really need…jest a touch. Just make sure ya send us pictures of your sessions! We love that stuff! Seeya soon!

Thin blue is the way to go low and slow. Check out the charcoal forum for some tips on how to regulate your smoker. I use a propane fired one, so I really can't give you much advice. Someone else will be along here who can address your particular smoker.

The folks here are friendly and will make answer to your questions.

Have fun, take care, and do good!


Welcome to SMF,

Sounds like you are having a little draft control problem. Always keep your vent on your smoke stack at least 1/2 open, closing it completely will cause soot and creosote to build up and settle on your meat :cry: . Control the temp in your smoker with the damper on the firebox. Closing the damper will cool down your smoker opening it will raise the temp.

What are you burning in your smoker. If you are burning all wood, that may also be part of your problem. The small offset smokers work best with a charcoal fire and then small chunks of wood for flavor. Not too much wood or you get too much smoke.

Check out the charcoal forum, sign up for Jeffs e-course and you will be smoking quailty meat in no time. 8)
Hey All.....thanks for the help....I've been keepng the chimney and firebox dampers fully closed thinking that will reduce the heat! I'll check out the charcoal forum also and let you know how I do!!!
Welcome to SMF. Everyone here has given you some good advice, especially cajunsmoker. Adjust your vents as he recommended and you food will taste a whole lot better.

Welcome to the forum! I too use a charcoal/wood smoker. Never close that chimney vent, at least half open at all times, just like cajunsmoker said. When you are adjusting the vent on the firebox, make small adjustments and wait a few minutes to see how you affected the temp. Once you get the hang of the way your smoker responds, you'll know just where to set things for the perfect smoke! I buy wood in chunks, and add 1-2 at a time. I stop adding wood when the internal temp of my food reaches 140 (sometimes less, but never more). Smoke tends to stop penetrating at 140, after that it just kind of "builds up" or turns harsh/bitter. Glad to have you with us!
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