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Jul 21, 2006
Erie Colorado
First time smoker, loooooooong time 'Qer/cooker. I call Superior Colorado home (about 20 miles Nortwest of Denver). I graduated from Johnson and Wales U in 1992 (AOS Culinary Arts). Dad got me a Silver Smoker for my BDay (7/15/71), made a few mods, and smoked a couple of whole yard birds and some back ribs. All turned out better than I was expecting! After spending hours of reading everyones posts last night, I have decided to try a brisket. Thank you all for paving the way and laying such a great foundation for us first timers. This site is excellent, thanks Jeff. I'll let y'all know how the brisket ends...Thanks for havin' me...
You are welcome, if you get stuck, have problems, or just need someone to talk to during the long cook, someone will be here. good luck and keep us in the loop as to the brisket cook.

Welcome to the group. Grab yourself a cold one once that meat hits the grates.
Welcome to SMF SmokeMack. You have found the friendliest Smoking Forum on the 'net. As you have noticed, we give our advice and points of view freely-so much so that you might experience "Information Overload" (ask a simple "How To" question and end up with a dozen different answers).

So pull up a chair and join in our fun little group!!
Here it is, my report card on the brisket. Started the smoke at 2pm. Came up with a rub of my own, need to write those kind of things down next time. Got a great burn of the coals/wood (mesquite), stayed 250-260 for the first 5 hours worry free. The meat hit its plateau at about 6pm (149 degrees). I began to worry after it was still 149 at 8:00 (rookie :oops: ). It "broke" at 8:15 and hit 165 at 10pm (the family couldn't wait any longer). Let it rest, and carved some up. It came out well, for the time. Next time I will start earlier as to allow it to reach 175-180, and have more rest time. It was very flavorful, but perhaps not quite as tender as it could have been. I have no prior experience to judge just how tender this cut should be if smoked properly. All in all, I give myself a B. Took some pictures, but they are all too big to uplaod :( . You can hit this link if you want to see them (it is a "My Space" type site) Rocky Mountain Mackinaws Until the next time...
Checked the pics out and the brisket looks great. :D

It looks like it was plent tender enough for the girls to eat 8) .

All in all looks like a successful smoke. I think the B you gave yourself is well deserved. :P
I agree, that your Brisket looks to be very good. I see no signs of it not being tender. Good job on your smoke, and good job on the report. Next time go out and get a notebook so that you can keep track of things such as your rub, and any sauces you come up with.
yo smokemack dude,
aint this place great.

that heat plateu on meats is a thing of confusion.

you seem to be like me in that---
you will read and study a little before you just jump in.

in my small experience ---you must go to 180/185 degrees
to get brisket tender.

my briskets get done by 8 hrs.---i cheat a litte--
i cut the big hump off.
this makes the smoker brisket go much easier..

i buy packer trim in cry o vac.
i either grind the hump for sausage---
or crock pot it like a roast.
most fat is trimmed and kept for sausage.

glad you made it here!
hello larry

thanks for the info i never thought of using the bigger fatter section of brisket for sausage but i will start using it for that from now on thanks again

oh and smokemack your brisket look great
Looks great Mack! The plateau that you hit with briskets and pork butts (or any large muscle mass meat) is why some of use perfer to cook to temp rather than cook by time.

Check this link for a cooking log. It's the one I use-you can get as detailed with it as you want. The Cooking Log download will be at the bottom of the page.
Cooking Log
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