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the texas smoker

Original poster
Jun 20, 2007
My name is Allen and I'm a smoker. I first realized I had a problem while growing up in my small West Texas town. At first it was just burgers, dogs, and steaks on my dad's 'value edition' char-broil grill. I was soon introduced to charcoal, and then to wood. About the time I entered high school, my dad and I built an 8' smoker on a single axle trailer and at that point I knew there was no turning back.. I have been in the Dallas area for 11 years now. Although apartment living forced me into propane for quite awhile, I am happy to say that I am now back in the saddle! After a somewhat significant amount of research, I decided on the Char-Griller DUO as my stepping stone back into the wonderful world of smoke. It has been a member of the family for a little over a month now and at this point I have no complaints. (before you ask... NO SFB at this time)

I've been reading through the website for a couple of months now and must admit that I am quite impressed with the level of friendliness, knowledge, and overall content of the Smoking-Meat community. I am glad to have found you guys (thank you GOOGLE) and look forward to becoming more of an interactive member.
Wait a minute...smoking is a problem? WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME?!?!?!

Welcome to the forums. Smoke lots, take pictures and ask lots of questions.
Welcome Allen, I'm glad you decided to join us and get back into the wunnerful whirled of smokin'!

Don't be afraid to ask what you don't know and share what you do... plus, we like pics (commonly referred to as "Q-View").

Have fun!
Well glad you made it to the SMF. You know this is not rehab for smokers, it's more like a support group for those who love the taste of Q.
Man we're practically neighbors!!! I think I still have a MIP warrant from there :) Took a road trip from Snyder to buy beer for a party one night, got pulled over leaving the store and turns out none of us was of age. We all got MIP's on the spot. Never went back :)

For those of you frowning. Life in west Texas back in the 80's was just like the movie "Varsity Blues". I was very much the "Tweeder" character.
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