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Hello all from Nova Scotia


Joined Apr 14, 2007
Another greenhorn to the world of smoking.

I hail from the eastern shores of Canada.Have always loved anything smoked, being raised on smoked fish of all kinds but until now never tried smoking for myself.

Just purchased a Centro Electric smoker this week, wasn't sure I would be able to devote the time required for a wood smoker so I thought these would be the way to start out.

While surfing the web for ideas and recipes I happened upon this site."Hats Off" to the creator.The smoker manufactures should be paying you royalities for the aid and incouragment available to folks in the smoking community.I was both amazed and impressed with the input and helpfullness of all the members of the site.

Christined the smoker for the firsrt time today(Sat).Did 4 full racks of pork ribs.Created my own dry rub spice mixture after viewing numerous online recipes, would classify it as a Cajun mixture.Was looking for a smokey flavor with a little kick of the south.
Success, can't believe how well they turned out!
Even gained some points with the wife, thinks I'm a guiness.

I now realize that the actual smoking time is the best part.Although not the best of weather yet here on the east coast, I spent the afternoon kicked back with some jerky and a bottle of Jack Daniels taking in the aroma of true smoked ribs coming to life.

Can't wait to experiment with other meats and poultry.Nothing is safe anymore.

Keep up the great work guys!!!



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Joined May 21, 2006
Welcome DieselJunkie, glad you found us.

That Centro smoker must have had a heck of an advertising budget cause all you Canadians seem to be buying them

bud's bbq

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Joined Jan 22, 2007
Welcome Diesel, SMF and our family of smoke junkies appreciate you joining us. We always enjoy pics.

Bud the scotsman -


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Joined Nov 18, 2006
Welcome Mike -

Glad you found us! Sounds like yu has a great day inspite of the strange weather we're experiencing. Nothing like fresh smoked food eh? Brings a new meaning back in preparing food for the family.

If you have any questions ask away - we're here when you need us! Congrats on the great first smoke AND making points with the wife!


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Joined Jul 16, 2006
Welcome to SMF! Glad you are here!

Take care, have fun, and do good!




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Joined Feb 24, 2007
Even gained some points with the wife, thinks I'm a guiness.

My wife thinks I'm a Bud Light. Welcome! Spent some time in Newfoundland, interesting.

bud's bbq

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Joined Jan 22, 2007
Mike, keywesmoke quotes a perfect segue to what i wanted to say: have spent many a beautiful moment on the Gander river fly fishing for North Atlantic Salmon. You live in a most wonderful part of the world.

And, keywesmoke I had the same notion about guiness versus genious. We are the worst spellers in the world.


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Joined Feb 22, 2007
welcome to SMF from a fellow cannuck

i believe everybody got their Centro's from Canadian Tire... They are the ones with a big budget for advertising...

they also give away these things called canadian tire bucks...everytime you purchase gas or items from the store they give you store money that you can spend at the store...


also the choices of smokers in canada is very limited.. big/lil chief... brinkman verticle if you order one special, bradley(which is like $400), and various bullet charcoal smokers....a ECB knockoff still runs about $80

the centro was on sale for $179.99 down from 249.99


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Joined Apr 17, 2006
Welcome to SMF DieselJunkie!!! These Centro's are gonna take over Canada before long. Glad you found the forums.


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Joined Nov 12, 2006
Welcome to SMF deiseljunkie,, anything that makes points with the better half has to be a good thing , right, anyways there is a lot of information in here and a lot of experience and for sure a pile of people who are willing to help.


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Joined Feb 7, 2007
Welcome aboard. We are certainly glad to have you. The more people sharing ideas, the better the forum for all of us.


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Joined Sep 21, 2006
Glad you found the site. It is a great site because of all the help the people give. They have held my hand many times, taught me right from wrong, and was willing to come to my place and help(cause I had beer

Any questions, just ask, they always have an answer.

Good luck to the many smokes ahead.


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Joined Apr 5, 2007
Welcome to SMF. Make sure you add to the push pin map. Canada need some more representatives. Plus, if you don't do it too often, you can take credit for some of your new found skills.


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Joined Feb 12, 2007
Welcome Diesel Junkie! You'll like it here. There are some real good folks here that bend over backwards to help you smoke like a pro.Check in often Like I do and you'll be surprized what you can learn.



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Joined Dec 19, 2005
Welcome to the forum,

Please feel free to join us this summer at our first annual gathering in Mo. June 15-17

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