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Original poster
Aug 21, 2006
Hot food.

I cannot remember exactly when, though it was fairly early in life, high school, when I began to enjoy some of the spicey, hotter foods. I began with baked beans adding cayenne, tabasco and such, (how odd my beans morphed into a mellow side item to give something to eat that is not so hot, I just posted beans recipe in side items) Then I discovered something called the habanero pepper. I added that to my beans, starting with dried ones, too scared to add very many. I found I did not like the taste of them very much, reminded me of dishsoap. The recipe is more about the sauce and finishing process than the wings.

Many many years of personal research, tasting, parties, concerts, have brough this recipe to a conclusion. Much as with the beans, it is a meld of flavors meant to bring all tastes to one. Every ingredient counteracts another.

These wings will probably be hotter than what most are used to. As hot as they are, and I hear about, I also hear from the same people, can I have another?

It is my philosophy to make hot food hotter than what people are used to but make it taste so good they want another. I chose wings on purpose for an ultra hot food because they are individual and small. Eat a couple you have accomplished something. Make plate of something, oh like beans, rice, pork verde, spaghetti, your starin' at a lot of hot food that might not be eaten, by hot I mean end of the thermometer hot, well beyond cayenne or jalapenos.

It is still my goal to do something commerical with it, yet I gladly share it freely.

This is from the card I turned in at the 2004 Iowa State Fair, which I won second place for poultry, considering hot foods are a niche market I think I did pretty good.(as with beans I do not measure, amounts are best guesses) Feel free to add more habaneros this recipe is tamed down for the masses.


3 lbs Chicken wings, cut at the joint, tips discarded
4 OZ Cayenne pepper sauce (peppers, vinegar, salt)
Wheat free soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol)
1/8th cup Dark brown sugar

Baseline Sauce (Combine all ingredients in a blender.)
32 FL OZ apple cider vinegar (water, apples)
1 large onion
8 cloves garlic
3 Habanero peppers
Juice of 1 of each: lemon, lime, orange
Charcoal grill, charcoal, Hardwood soaked in water
12 inch or larger cast iron skillet, tongs, hot pads

Cooking instructions
Start charcoal with preferred method
Once started add the hardwood of choice
Grill the wings until the temperature reaches 175°
Put skillet on grill.
Transfer wings to cast iron skillet.
Add the following ingredients in order
5-6 splashes of the soy sauce, stir to coat
4 OZ of Baseline Sauce, stir until almost evaporated
Cayenne pepper sauce, stir until almost evaporated
Dark brown sugar, stir until most sugar adheres to wings
Check for wing temperature of 180°



Congrats Norm. They sound good and I'll try them soon. I'm still trying to eat all the leftovers from the beef tenderloin I did this weekend.
yo y'all,
there is not enough meat on chicken wings for me..
maybe its all a pysco experience--
just like finger sandwiches''''
they dont satisfy my belly.

maybe turkey wings.

you good folks can have my chick wings----
i'll trade you for a root beer.
Norm, thanks. These are going down Wed. or Thurs. I'll let you know how they turn out. I'm with you, I love hot! I'll probably do two versions. One as you listed (for me) and a milder one (for the girls). Thanks for sharing!!
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