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    So, I had a request for a really hot, "slap your Momma", make you cry look for a water kind of hot BBQ sauce. So, I have several really great sauce recipes. Like Jeff's. I have made many of my own. I have read many. But, I haven't found one like the request I have that also has good flavor. So, my question is two fold. One, what are some things that provide heat I may not be thinking of? I have cayenne pepper but I worry if I put to much in, it will just end up tasting like BBQ flavor hot sauce. I looked at my grocery store for habanera peppers but they didn't have any. I guess that would do it? What else will kick up heat?

    Also, I don't have to reinvent the wheel if anyone has a really good HOT BBQ sauce recipe they want to share.
  2. rickw

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    I've taken a liken to Stumbs spicy sauce . Ya might have to add a bit of habanaro sauce but it is good on its own too.
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    I've always just taken some hot sauce and added it to BBQ sauce.

    There are so many sauces out there to choose from that I'm sure you'll find something that you like.

    Anaheim peppers are real hot too. They look like a small, skinny jalepeno pepper and aren't too hard to find in the stores.
  4. rivet

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    I've found that crushed red pepper flakes add mellow heat with a flavor that won's mask your recipe. Just add more flakes for more heat. For a "slap your momma' kind of heat level, start with 4 TBSP flakkes, taste and go from there.

    One thing too, the fresher the flakes the more heat. Try to buy them from a store that has a good stock rotation and moves a lot of product.

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