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big jimmy

Original poster
Jan 3, 2007
Marlborough, New Zealand
Hi all,

I am interested to hear from others using a WSM. I am having trouble getting it up to correct heat (i understand it should be between 200-250). I use briquettes and lump but find briquettes can leave a chemical flavour on the meat and that lump burns too fast. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Also, my ribs whlst being very tasty and reasonably tender, are not up to the 'falling apart, juicy objects' that I see getting described by many experience smokers. Do I need to brine them? I am using Jeff's Rub and following all the instructions on this site and others but would appreciate your help.
Hi Big Jimmy. You may want to check your therm. to make sure it is correct. Stick it in boiling water to check. Secondly, check out Jeff's other web site Smoking-Meat.com and check out the 3-2-1 method for spare ribs. I did try this method the other day and the meat was falling off the bones. In fact I probably should have removed them a little sooner.

I can't help with your WSM, I use a ceramic type smoker/griller and it is awesome. Really easy to hold temps, etc.

Hope this helps.
Hi Big Jimmy -

Are you using charcol that doesn't require starting fluid? That'll make the chemical smell. I use charcol all the time with chips and I've never had that happen. Also don't put your food in until they get all white then they're ready.

Did you wrap your ribs in foil after the inital smoke?
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