hay guys and gals

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May 2, 2007
last thursday night i had some fun, A VIP dinner at a casino here in IOWA as they had the "Bonnie and Clyde" death car there and i had my pic takin beside it and all.
The meal wasnt to bad but i was disapointed in the prime rib there, lack of flavor and way to rare even for me, tonight i did a poor mans prime rib an arm roast and heres whats left of it:

they had the what do you call it ah juice to put on the meat and it sucked it up like a sponge.

it was also in there convetion rooms and everyone sat around round tables so you not at your own table or booth and i hate to say it but old people are pushy and rude,
i mean it i was there early 4 pm and it didnt start untill alittle after 5 pm and when the line started to form i was shoved out of my spot and my mom just happend to be at the front of the line and i went outside for a smoke and then went back to her and these people behind her gave me the dirtiest looks, alittle rant and rave there but anyway in a week ill have some pics of the car and me to show off.

oh during the meal they were showing the bonnie and clyde movie on a big screen tv and they had some ice carvings too one was of the car and another was a life like Bar, around 5 foot tall and maby 5 foot wide and on top was a carving of a rifle and pistal on each end even a spitoon at the bottem, and if your asking why i didnt take any pics well they WOULD NOT let me in with my digi cam, i had 2 guys 10 times my size saying leave it in your car so i didnt argue with them.

after words i pulled a few slots didnt win anything but thats the way it goes i dont like gambling myself but some of you guys might, ok ill end this nonsence of a post it was an interesting thing to see, that car and all.
the pic isnt of the prime rib i had but the arm roast i smoked the next night, the casino wouldnt even let me bring in my digi cam.

well no pics of the car yet
still waiting on the snail mail.
ahh i get now
shaved, they dint like cave men in there, their afraid ill grab the leg of lamb and run off with it and start a fire in the corner and cook it
last time i played the slots i lost so i grabbed the chair and beat the machine into a pile of rubble
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