Have I asked this here before?

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Jan 1, 2006
I can't remember if I have asked you all this before or not. Has anyone had any success smoking hamburger patties?

I used to get one at Boss Hawgs in Topeka and it was wonderful. The inside had the smoke ring and the flavor was terrific. I have tried to smoke them in the past but did not get good results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will also read up on smoking meatloaf and see if it will help guide me.

Thanks all!

AJ, I've never done hamburger but I did do something similar with a fattie once. I'd put the fattie on the smoker at about 200-210 for a couple of hours. Just long enough for it to take on the smoke flavor but not long enough for it to compleatly cook. I then used it in a hash I made. The smoke flavor was wonderful. So here is an idea: Form a chub of Hamburger meat and smoke it for a couple of hours so it'll take on the smokey flavor, then slice/form into patties and finish them off on the grill. Othere may have some better ideas or even first hand experience, like I said I've never done this. This might work, and if you try it let me know how it turns out. Good Luck.
YES! :D I do.






Smoked hamburgers are terrific! These were made from two very thin patties sandwiched together with a thin smear of bacon-onion-butter in between to keep the juicy during the cook. I cook hamburger to 160-165* internal. The hole in the center helps keep the burger flat, slow cooking in the smoker they don't swell up into meatballs as much as they do on the grill, so for smoking the hole is optional. After cooking them in the smoker I like to toss them over direct coals for a minute on each side to caramelize the meat for that traditional hamburger color, texture, taste. Go easy on the smoke wood at first as ground meats absorb smoke quite easily.

BTW, meatloaf is wonderful smoked too.
I was thinking that a 5 pound chub of ground beef smoked "fattie" style and then cut into slices would be the way to go and then I see pix's of Bob's smoked burgers and now I don't just bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, I want a smoked hamburger! Looking good there Bob~
I'm just gonna eat Bob's pictures!

Wow those look terrific! I have a little bit of apple chips left, those might not be too harsh for the hamburger.

I will give this a try soon. My little electric smoker struggles to reach 165 degrees inside, so a half day (sunny day) in that and they should be nicely smoked.

Do you season them with anything before putting them on the smoker?

Thanks Bob-BQN!
With apple, I wouldn't worry at all about using too much.

Yes, I normally sprinkle a little BBQ rub on them (not too much) before smoking.
I did some this past weekend and they were the best tating hambuger paties that i have ever tasted. I used slat and papper and a dash of whorchester sauce, then papttied them up the night before and put them on for 1 1/2 to 2 hours flipping once half way threw. Had 12 of them and they were gone in minutes. I bearly got a taste of 1. So I just ate my jerky until the pork shoulder was done. /this was my first pork shoulder and it was pulled pork and once again I got to pat myself on the back it came out great. This weekend it all hambuger patties and a friends homemade hot (really Hot) Italian sauage.

Well, I thought about smoked burgers - why not, right??? But Bob, your pics look awesome! Great shot of the one with the flame shooting up over the burger!
I believe I am going to try some this weekend. Thanks for the tip.
Me too, but I make sure it does not contain salt. I don't want to pull fat (moisture) out in a slow cook.

I smoke some bacon on an extra rack, then I'll take some 1/2" slices of sharp cheddar brick cheese, and carefully align pieces on a rack above the burgers.

So for a visual, I have about a 4 foot vertical chamber. 1 foot up, the burgers are smoking. 2 feet above that, are the strategically placed cheese slices. 6" above that is the bacon (its already done, as it was down 6" above the burgers cooking, its just in a holding pattern)

For this final step, its flavor wood only. 4chunks of hickory and 6 chunks of apple or cherry.

230ish, and the cheese start meltings and slooooowwwllllyyy dripping down, gathering smoky goodness on the way down, and then, plop, its all goozed down into smoky cheese goodness, throw them onto those delish chiabba (sp) buns, then the smoked bacon, then the pickled jalepeno slices, and I'm in hot smoky burger heaven
Sam believe it or not that was actually a controlled burn. :lol: With only one burger on the grill it got just the right amount of flame kisses. :D

I only grilled one of the eight burgers that evening because we had already eaten dinner, but could wait to taste one!
Well Bob, looks like you got everyone wanting to try smoked hamburgers now! :D I even think Ill give it a try tommorow. Ive been looking for something differant to try anyway! Those pics sure do make it look good. Ill bet mine dont look anything like yours when there done! :)
When I'm ready to smoke some burgers (which will be REAL soon!), I plan on having some slices of sharp cheddar to top them with - I bet that would taste incredible! And I have some "maters" picked from the garden - boy, you can't go wrong with a slice of home-grown 'mater' on your burger!
Some how, I had missed these posts. Bob, I agree that those are some fine pictures and they have really flung a craving on me. Intrestingly, I have thought about smoking some burgers before but just hadn't gotten around to it. Now I know I just have to make the time and get on with it. This afternoon is chicken but next week it's going to be burgers. Also, Chi Bill's addition of the bacon and jalapenos sounds terrific. Thanks for the posts and pictures .... they're great.
Yea I been telling you 2 how good those bugers where and Chi bills idea does sound good. I have Jalapenos ready to pick in the garden and I also think i'll do up some of those stlye bugers. See ya all tomorrow

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