Have Butt Will Travel

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Smoke Blower
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Feb 5, 2006
Magna, UT
I have to smoke a boston butt (7 1/2 lb) for dinner tomorrow at 3:00 pm. and the location of dinner is 3 1/2 hours away from my smoker which is not very portable.

Wish me luck on the timing.

If you have a small cooler fill with boiling water and allow to heat it up, lid closed. Empty and place butt wrapped in HD foil in, should stay plenty hot for 3 1/2 hours without any problem.
I would take the butt any higher than 185 to 190 internal cause the butt will continue to tenderize in the dry cooler.
Thank you for the reply. I tried the preheated cooler a couple of weeks ago and it worked very well. It is a neat little trick. now if I can just get it done in time.

Mark if you're providing the meat for dinner, remember this-They can't eat 'til you and Judy get there!! :P
Thanks Earl Judy is in california with her sister so I thought I would go down to beaver and see my brother, he found out that I am smokin meat and said I need to come down and visit but don't forget the pork. The butt should come out of the smoker in about 2 hrs unless it gets stuck again (temp wise)
it should be a good trip.
well I am a little ahead of schedule I just loaded the pork in the cooler. I will get there a little early and stick the pork in the oven to keep warm. I will let ya all know how it went when I get back in town.

Just got back. That cooler trick worked better this time than last time. Pork went in to the preheated cooler at 185* three hours later the temp was 158* I didn't have to put it in the oven everyone started to eat it when I got there. we then ate the side dishes when they were ready worked out good.
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