Has anyone ever Scotch-Smoked salmon???

Discussion in 'Fish' started by alaskansmokesignals, Jul 18, 2010.

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    With all that is available on the Internet, all I can find online for a recipe is a 60% (partial) recipe that is stolen out of the book I use - Jack Whelan's.

    Does nobody ever do this? Because its too time-intensive maybe? Changing the dry cure to something new every 6 hours for a day and a half and then a 12-24 hour cold smoke is a heckuva lot harder than the usual kippering I do.

    If anyone thinks there's a Scotch Smoke recipe online somewhere please post a link here; I'd love to see a second recipe.

    Another day and a half from now maybe I'll have some nice Scotch Smoked salmon here. I hope the end product is worth all the trouble.
  2. alaskansmokesignals

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    I guess I'll take that as a No. [​IMG]
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    Sounds like a lot of work. Let us know how it goes. I have not heard of this method. I just brine mine in a mixture of brown sugar and salt for 12-15 hours then rinse and apply brown sugar, garlic powder and some pepper then smoke it until it reaches 140. We LOVE it this way. Good luck I hope it turns out for you.
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    What I've tried for Scotch smoked salmon was a mixture of both dry curing and wet brining.  Started with a dry cure of salt and sugar for 24 hrs then a wet brine for 12 hrs, refreshed and cold smoked.  Worked great
  5. alaskansmokesignals

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    I've done both dry cure and sugar;nothin wet but the olive oil and the rum.But I prefer to kipper it at 125F for 4 hrs instead of the 85F for 30 hours, for most uses. The cold smoked comes out a lot like sashimi.
  6. bearcarver

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    Thank you for that post. I have fairly easily found great recipes on the Internet when I needed them, and have also pretty easily discarded some great appearing recipes that look good on the face of them; I'd like to think I can look at a recipe and tell a lot about how its going to come out.

    In looking at yours.... Wow. That is really something. Yes. Did I mention "wow" ?  OK, (finding words...) Thank You.

    My next run will be using your recipe. To answer your question/statement directly, first off, I never have extra salmon. Second, I always do have salmon and am always prepping it best I can. Since this is just a couple weeks after my yearly large salmon harvest, I currently have a few hundred pounds of prime sockeye salmon fillets in my main freezer.

    I'm a little delayed here in doing my next run through the smoker, but when I do I will use your recipe and report back on my relative success in making it as you spec.

    Thanks again. I really appreciate you giving that away to strangers, instead of writing a book and making me pay $$$ for it, which btw, I would have, if I had picked up a book in the store and saw what you wrote there.
  8. bearcarver

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    Just like I figured, being in Alaska, you'd be elbows deep in Salmon !

    I only get what my son brings home from a weekend in NY, in October. If he doesn't do good though, they go up for another weekend. Last year it was 19 fillets, average 6 pounds per fillet. Then in November they go up again & catch the big Brownies that go up the rivers to eat the Salmon eggs.

    Can't wait to hear how you like my step by step,

  9. alaskansmokesignals

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    I am elbows deep yes, a good thing, but I also have work, multiple home projects of monetary importance, and a deadline to get them done on so I can go gather more winter meat (moose, this time). Sad to say, it will take more time before I can do another smoke here. Glad to say, my last smoke is still holding me in good stead; only because I haven't shared any except for a few special friends so far. After I do a larger batch of smoking I can share more, but I'm under the gun here.

    I'm eating  my Scotch smoked cold smoked salmon done just lately, and not touching my usual-recipe kippered salmon done lately. That tells me what my next activities will include, smoking wise.  Have you ever tried your recipe doing a cold smoke?

    I will report back. Sorry I'm slow.

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