Harvest is done!!!

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
OTBS Member
Sep 21, 2006
Western Kansas
Haven't been here at all for last .........???????? I don't know when. Planting, spraying, harvest has been busy. Glad to be back, even more glad to be able to run the smoker............oh, and drink some beer too!

Only thing I've noticed is that there are a ton of newbies. Site must be going well for you Jeff, keep up the good work!

Hope the "old basTURDS" still stick around, look'n forward to chat/bs/lies, etc.

Look'n forward to meeting the new guys/gals and learn'n somethin new.

Don't really give a ____ if you missed me, but I sure missed you guys/gals.

Steaks, chicken, corn on cob, zucchini, potatoes, mushrooms, and beer for supper tonight. Haven't sat down to a warm meal in what feels like months. Pulled pork sammies kept me thru till now.

So watch out moderators, I'm look'n to make your job tough!!!

Later TURDS.

"SkinnyAL"(need some meat and bud fat!)
Glad to see ya, you big TURD!!!!
Glad to hear that harvest is over and you can get back to doing some Smokin' !!!!! Missed ya!!
How's that POS Lang (that your going to give me) working?

Tell Bud I say _____ off!!!
You got a good turd there Theresa!........but then again so does he!

The POS Traeger is doing better, had a rest, gave her a good rub in the right spots and she is happy.

Still want a stick burner.........someday.

Take care, kick the cat for me
this turd still has 2 centre pivots of barley to plant ,got 4 done and some dry land , running late ground is still a bit sticky and still spreading feedlot turds on the paddocks .
its winter here been planting oats too. when the last of the barley goes in we have a break from planting for a few weeks then time to start planting the new lucerne paddocks .
by the time thats done we will be mowing and bailing the first of the oats that went in . it never ends
What the hell you mean Harvest's over
You need to shine them combines up and get your self headed south. Harvest is just about a month away down here
Just think how much money you could make as a professional harvester
Harvest over? Like Johno said, it never ends! You are either plowing, planting or picking.
Glad you are free to join us again.
Smoke up some Atomic Buffalo TURDS to go with that cold beer!
Alright! Had a bunch of spray'n & odds & ends to do and now Im in the office to pay some overdue bills. Got me some ribs soak'n up some apple juice(kinda moldy, but what the hell), cider vinegar, worchest and cajun spices . Ready to "really" smoke!

To answer all you people, as kindly as I can.

Nice to be back
glad to meet ya
UR a turd too
good luck w/planting, better wet than dry(applies to many things)
NO, I AINT GO'N DOWN SOUTH TO CUT NOBODIES NOTHIN! Did some of that this harvest, pain in the ..............cajun

Nothin' wrong w/smok'n a turd............wife does it ......ooooooooo

Is that all ya got goat? C'mon Nancy!

It doesn't end mike, but that is good. Too much free time means less pay check. Gotta work to make money....work= think'n & sweat'n

DJ, went well. PS I LOVE 38 Special!!! Thanks good ole days. Drink'n and drive'n and not hurt'n nobody. Under controll

I'll see you SOB's around. Look'n to bash someone, make fun of some one, or even make someone cry. Go ahead, call me a *****

Nice to see ya, help me out when ya can.
See ya in a beer or two.

Sorry a$$ AL
That kinda sums up the high spots... you gotta get out more often Al
Sorry dude, I've been there already and they threw me out for misbehaviour.
I know I kneed to get out more.........wife tells me that all the time

LOL Hawg! Good thing about SMF, they'll take anyone.

Raise'n too much hell in Hell...........lol!
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