Happy to have found this place

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Original poster
Jul 16, 2007
Washington State
Name: Matt
Age: 25
Location:NW Washington

Im excited about finding this forum, itll be nice to get to have some conversations about different topics, instead of hunting down books and articles online.

So far I just use an ECB to smoke with that is stored at my parents (live in an apartment), my best dish being pork shoulder. Ive done brisket in the past that turned out OK, but not as well as it could be. I really enjoy campfire and dutch oven cooking as well, but I dont often get a chance to do that. Trying to figure out a way to start the coals on my porch without smoking out the entire apartment building in the process.

Ive gotten into BBQ and smoking because there really isnt a presence of it in the PNW. The "BBQ" restaurants around here seem to do things ass backwards by cooking the meat (I think they just bake it), and then adding flavor via sauce and seasoning at the end. People seem to rave about it because they dont really know any different, but I have developed a nice family and friend following so far. A friend of mine and I are exploring opening a restaurant and lounge in the future, but its just an idea at this point.
This is smokers haven, or heaven. How ever you choose to spell it. I personally have not been here long, but I will say I will be around a while unless I get kicked out !!!
The SMF is the best place to start learning about smokin' and a lot of other things we can tweak while having some fun. I'm just starting to incorporate my hand mixed rubs along with smokin' meats, the yellow brick road is just ahead!
Welcome to SMF, a lot of info here. Sign up for the 5-day eCourse.
I hope you have a camera, we love pics
Welcome, Welcome! Glad you found us. Remember the only stupid question around here is the one you don't ask. Ask and the friendly folk here at SMF will make answer! Enjoy!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Thanks everyone! I know I will have lots of questions to ask, have signed up for the 5-day course, and have a nice camera. Now Im excited to smoke, and i should have some time this weekend. You guys have inspired me to try the brisket again, and I will have to roll a fatty pretty soon. Of course I cant let the lucky lady know since I am on my pre-wedding diet!
Hey Fad, welcome to the largest BBQ thinktank on the web. I havent been around long myself, but everyone is really ramped up to help anyway they can. If you can smoke it, someone is talking about it here. Oh make sure that the fattys you're rollling are of the sausage variety, we here at SMF are law abiding citizens!

Dig in and enjoy!
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