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Hi Y'all!!!!!

It's been a verrrrry long time since I've posted. Lots of pressure from work and life has kept me away from here and smoking! The good news is I got engaged November 4th and I'm heading out to Michigan tonight with the rugrats to spend Thanksgiving with my love and her family (we are now a family of 6!)

We'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner and will have about 15 - 16 people over. I plan on doing 2 birds in the 12 - 15 lb range. Both will be brined, of course, but alas, only one will get smoked. I'll be using the Brinkmann "gourmet" smoker she bought for me back in September when I flew out and smoked a mess o' ribs for the "Meet the Folks" dinner. I'll be using lump charcoal with hickory chunks unless I can get my hands on some apple wood. I'm a bit concerned about the weather up there (It's been in the mid 30's) and am figuring that I should forgo the water pan to keep the heat up. Any thoughts of wrapping the smoker in a blanket as well??

I hope everyone here is well and has a great smokin' holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i use mylar emergency blankets from a dollar store--
thats next to body--
i then take 25 ft roll of alumium foil and wrap the out side of mylar.

layers-=-layers --layers....

i think it helps 20 to 25 degrees.

i only wrap the tube-
not top or bottom...

make sure that air can get in on tube to bottom as usual.

investment =2 bucks
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