Happy Birthday Squeezy

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yea, happy birthday man.......
Thanks you guys ... yup! the old odometer has clicked over another notch ... please make it slow down ....
Oh! by the way, I'm doing back ribs and Dutch's beans today, substituting pineapple for mango....
I have been using my brothers racks and water pan from his ECB for mine 'cause I thought I had left mine at the lake. After a frantic search, mine are MIA!

So, as everyone says "you can't have too many smokers" ... I'm buying another one today until I can find the rest of the parts, then I can keep one at home and one at the lake.
Problem solved!

Here's a link to an e-card received from my brother and his wife .... http://www.care2.com/ecards/p/9119-7295-11369-9687 ... I thought it was cute!
Not many choices here ... I haven't even seen a Brinkman here for awhile ... hoping to find one with the same diameter so the water pan and grids will be interchangeable....
they have those Double Chef Charcoal Smokers for alot of money at Canadian Tire... same diameter as ECB i believe..

i personally would just get a big mixing bowl and some round replacement racks for the above mentioned if you dont want to buy another smoker...
Well I picked up a fire red Char Broil H2O ( ECB clone )from Canadian Tire ... the only one they had. TSC had these itty bitty Grill Pros for the same money and only half the weight (problably blow away in any breeze) and Home Hardware sells the same kind, but no stock ...
Home Depot has nothing.
Got my Q started at noon ... food porn to follow!
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