Happy Birthday, Senor Harv!

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Happy Birthday, Pistolero Magnifico! Hope your special day goes well for you and yours! Maybe get in bit of target practice, eh? Best wishes and many happy returns!
Yeah, Senor Harv, Happy B-day to ya!!

Monty-Why did you have to go and mention target shooting :?: I have a brand new Springfield Armory XD .45 ACP that I can't wait to shoot :!: The weather has been too cold and/or lousy for the outdoor range and the indoor range at my favorite toy store er..ah.. I mean Gun store has been busy as all get out and they will only allow 1 hour of range time :( Normally it's pay your bucks in the morning and shoot all day provided you don't leave or run out of money. If you run out of ammo all you got to do is run back upstairs and buy some more!
Well, Dutch. It's eat your heart out time. Immediately out my front door I have 50 and 100 yard measured target ranges as well as a 50 foot pistol range. Not only do I buy ammo in bulk for my blasters I reload for my tack drivers. Even co-owned a gun shop for about ten years before I came to the big woods. Speaking of which I shot two rabbits yesterday about 90 yards from the cabin. One in the freezer, one in my belly!
Monty 8)

BTW Let's not forget this is Harvey's day!
Monty, you forgot to add "Nener, nener, nener!" :twisted:

Sorry Harv-didn't mean to hijack your Brithday thread :D
While I did stoop a bit low I could never drop to that level!
All in good fun and great spirit!
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