Happy birthday Beerivore

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jun 21, 2007
May your day be great and filled with your favorite things in life. At least some blues,brews, and chews.
Happy B-day, hope u have a good one!
Happy Birthday, Beerivore!

Hope you special day turns out to be all you could expect and that you have many more perfect birthdays!

Wow...thanks. I bet most people's day was better than mine. I started a new job so taking time off doesn't really happen yet. I sweated my tush off in a warehouse for 8 hours. 94º today in the western burbs of Chicago and high humidity. Needless to say I went through 3 shirts and drank over a gallon of water. I am glad a friend asked me out for some beers after work.
Sat off the Fox River and downed a few brews. A nice way to have a b-day after a hard day's work. I wish I could have some smoked ribs or brisket, but I'll take what I can get.

richoso - I have been getting into the blues recently (thanks to XM radio). I just ordered B.B. King's cd - Blues on the Bayou and Robert Johnson's box set - Complete Recordings. As for the chews....it was pizza from the bar. Around Chicago, the pizza from bars is not bad even though it's usually thin crust, which is not Chicago style (deep dish sauce on top).

Thanks everyone,
for the b-day wishes, all the help smoking meat, and just being nice people. Ok it's starting to look like the beer is typing for me.

I am not usually this sappy. It's all true though, everyone here is so nice.

I hope I don't wake up hugging the porcelain god
and people have written on my face w/ sharpees. I can see it now. "Deejay was here-------GO PACKERS!!!"

Ok i am going to stop typing.

Thanks everyone!
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