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Hanukkah Smoked Brisket


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I've never used a sous vide, mine will be delivered today sometime, I have never smoked a brisket, and I'm tired of beer braised brisket.

I was reading about sous vide yesterday and All replied to a post that one could smoke a brisket until it got to the stall part, then bring it inside and sous vide it. So, thats what I will do for hanukkah this year. I have some questions.

Can I freeze half of the brisket and sous vide the other half, there are only two of us, or do I freeze it after I sous vide both half pieces?

should I put a temperature probe in the meat and pull it at the usual 210° IT, or is it a time question and pull it in 24 hours? Is shorter better or longer better.

Do I need the pickling spices or is that for flavor?

Is there a step by step discussion of this process somewhere so I end with a better product.



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Here is how I do them.
Smoke at 225-250 until IT is 150 degrees.
Then bag with salt & pepper, about 2-3 TBS each, and about 1/4 stick of butter.
No need for pickling spices, unless you cured the brisket & are making pastrami.
SV at 155 for 24 hours.
No need to probe with a therm.
If you are only smoking half then I would just cut it in half & freeze one half for later (uncooked).
Good luck!


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Sounds like a doable process. Why not just smoke it all the way through? Just curious. I SV a lot of steaks and such, all medium rare. water temps about 134-138. Steaks about 4 hours, EOR 24 hours. Post up the brisket I am curious to see how it goes.


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Sounds like a doable process. Why not just smoke it all the way through? Just curious.
I suppose when summer comes I will smoke a brisket all the way through. I live in Seattle area and it has rained almost every day for over a month. Also, the day light just isnt long enough for a brisket. I really am new at this and fumbling around in the dark, rainy night doesnt sound appealing.

So, if I can get 90% of the benefit by bringing it in the house, no rain and no fuss, it will be awesome.

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