Handy Hints for the Foodsaver

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Maybe we can make this a sticky?

We just got one also, but do not half of what you can use it for. Post your ideas here to help us foodsaver challenged people
using food or whatever. How do you reheat in them?


Make TV dinners by sealing in different sections and bring them to work to nuke! Freeze them nad eat what you want whe you want it!

Seal up:
-camping stuff like matches and first aid kits.
-spice packs you make so they don't get stale or moist.
-this years seed for next years planting.
-ice and water for (don't vacuum) for boo boos that need an ice pack.
-small pieces to things you use seasonally and have to take apart
-time/temperature chart for your smoker
-hops and specialty grains used for brewing
-pre-measured cake mixes, biscuit mixes etc.
-small batches of rubs and sauces in one smoke packs
-your wallet when you go fishing
I reuse my bags. Wash them real good and use them again. I have to because I usually make my bags way too big.

Also, VAC & SEAL your kids when they need a time out! 2-3 min at most, watch for them turning blue.
Yes, that is a joke.
You may think this is weird but I save my old tax records going back to 1972 and they are sealed by year and filed in the basement (which is damp BTW).

Insurance policies and other important papers, diplomas, marriage certificates etc.
I put 8 pound bags of ice in bags and throw them in the bottom of the deep freeze. It helps keep it from working so hard, plus I have ice available at any time and in a large quantity. When I am done with the ice I put the water back in the deep freeze and it freezes all over again.
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