Ham Rub???

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Original poster
Apr 8, 2007
South Bend Indiana(GO IRISH)
Im gonna try my first ham today, what rub should I use, and what temp should i smoke the ham at????
have to be careful rubbing a ham mainly because they are already notoriously salty from enhancement.. i usually use a salt free rub[ commercial or homemade]. as far as temps go i try to keep my unit at around 225 to 250 on everthing i smoke.....
Yellow mustard, mixed with a few teaspoons of maple syrup and brown sugar for a slather is good.

I don't rub my hams (unless you consider the above a rub). Some people like cloves (I don't).

Pineapple juice and brandy a for spray.

How often should I spray the ham?? I love the Maple syrup and brown sugar idea, we make maple syrup at my work in the spring and I have been looking forward to using it in a recipe.
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