Ham for the Holidays

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Sep 16, 2006
What is the best ham for smoking? Have read posts about uncooked, partially cooked,& fully cooked. Now I'm confused...
Any of them work well, fresh cooks like you would butt except you take to 160 internal.
Parially cooked smoke intill you hit 140 internal.
Fully cooked 140 is plenty for an internal.
Thank you Mr. Minion, confusion gone....now decision sets in.
Please explain...needs brine prior to smoke?
A fresh ham is like a butt until it is cured. I am going to cure a fresh ham soon. For Thanksgiving I am going to use a fully cooked ham.
Yes , you have to add Prague Powder, Mortonâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Tenderquick or some other type of cure (in accurate measures!) to your brine or curing rub other than just kosher/pickling salt. It actually is what makes your ham pink, and gives it that flavor of cured ham. It usually takes about a week in a brine, sometimes weeks in a dry rub.
country cured ham can take months and is done with a dry rub. City cured, or wet cured hams take about a week to 10 days. I am going to buy my fresh ham right now
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