Hailin' from Florida!!

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Original poster
Jan 16, 2007
Tampa FL
Hello folks.
New guy on the forum from FL.
Been smokin' for a few years, abt 10-15
My first smoker was a hollowed out stand up freezer..don't laff..them mullet and ribs tasted like they came outta the highest dollar "store bought" smoker!!
Now I have a New Braunfels smoker from Home Depot with a sidebox I bought a few years ago.
Mainly cookin' ribs, chicken and the odd turkey breast here and there.
Been lurkin' around for awhile, figured I'd register.
Found a bunch of recipies I wanna try (smoked CHEESE??) and ya'll seem like a nice bunch of folks.
Well thats abt it.
My names Keith and it's good to meetcha
Nice to have you finally join the family, Keith. As you have found out already, there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared here. Hope you'll share some of your tips and tricks with us.
Welcome to SMF Keith. What part of FL do ya hail from? I am new to the site, within the last two weeks. I am in Naples and new to the smokin game. Using my Big Green Egg and lovin it though.

Mark 8)
Hey Keith, forget my last post question. When I first saw the post I didn't see your city which is Tampa. Go there quite often on business. Welcome aboard.

Welcome Keith, it is good to have another Floridian here. We all know how tough it is living with sunny skies, great fishing, and babes in bikinis, 60 degrees on a cold day, and seabreezes at night. But the rest of the world does not pity us for some strange reason.

DANG!! How's all this for a WELCOME!!?!?
I'm on other sites where you might get a "Hey. Welcome." message but this is downright smoker warming!!
Got 2 slabs "O" porcine chest bones out there right now with some "Monkey Dust" rub seepin' inside 'em.
Thanks for the Hey, Hellos and Welcomes.
Must be time to check the temp, 2nd can of Hops Thermometer is heading twards the recycle bin :) .
Hi Keith and welcome aboard! I'm up in the panhandle and have been signing in to the SMF for quite a while. I can tell you that there's lots to be learned here and some fantastic recipes/ideas are available. Again, WELCOME and let us hear from you often.
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