Gunslinger's Breakfast Burritos

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Here's my variation of breakfast burritos.
I used to drive OTR and with over a million miles under my belt and thousands of restaurant breakfasts (by far my favorite meal), I've yet to see a tortilla quite like this.
I'm sure I'm not the inventor of this, but since I've never seen it, I'm taking credit for it. Don't argue with me because I can't hear you and I'm going blind as soon as I hit the submit button.

I like breakfast burritos, and I like them stuffed to the gills with smoked meat. So that's my inspiration here. When you add scrambled eggs to the stuffing, there's little room for a lot of meat, so my tortilla IS eggs.

12 Eggs

Break all the eggs into a bowl or whatever you use, and thin big time with milk, beat until smooth.
Pour enough into a 12 inch nonstick skillet to make a thin tortilla. Cook till firm (a lid will help) and flip. This is the tricky part. If you're good, you can flip it with your wrist. If you're not good, you'll have to use a spatula. If it tears, don't worry. Dribble some of the thinned eggs into the tear to repair it, and let it cook just till firm. If you let it cook too long, it will be to dry to roll.
Stuff with left over pulled pork, fatty or pulled brisket, add fresh onion, bell peppers, salsa, cheese, re-fried beans or anything you like.
Roll, then place on griddle, heat until cheese melts and bottom of burrito is crispy.
Eat like a burrito and enjoy.
I've made these for a couple of years and they are a big hit with everyone that eats them. They are always amazed with the egg tortillas. It's kind of like an omelette, but you get to eat it with your hands.
Gunny that looks like a great breakfast burrito. I like the egg tortilla idea, can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing!
Innovative! Looks good, sounds good. Like breakfast burritos.
Was behind a concrete truck north of Kimberling City at the 76 light (Branson West) headed south Monday afternoon, it had logos on the mixer drum, couldn't tell what they were. Was looking for a Make-A-Wish logo, just couldn't get the angle to see. Had 183 on the rear. Thought it might be the Gunslinger. We turned at The Mule, truck went on south.
Cops For Kids tournament donated $6800.00 to Make-A-Wish. 160 boats in a 250 boat limit tourney, not bad. Big bass was 8.7 lbs., took over 21 lbs. to win the bucks. We boated 11 fish, not enough size to do any good. Too many pro ringers.
We ate good though! Smoked snacks.
Sounds a success. I like to hear that.
Our trucks are bright yellow and stand out like a sore thumb.
Mine really stands out now that my pretty yellow paint is flaking off. We had a huge pour on Saturday (we rarely work Saturdays) at the new power plant in Springfield. We had to have a couple hundred gallons of liquid nitrogen injected into the mix and the lance on my first load turned and shot the nitrogen against my drum instead of into the concrete. Really made a mess of the paint.
It almost sounds like you started with a crepe (sp) for your tortilla. But it still sounds great. I finally get a chance to try fattys this weekend, so I might have to try one of your burritos while I'm at it. I'm also trying the biskit roll I saw.
Sounds great to me ... I will be trying this for sure.

Question, how many 12" tortillas should one expect from 12 eggs and what ever qty ot milk? Just to have rough idea
It's about 1 large egg per. If you can get fresh eggs, it's better. They are so much more firm than the 2 month old, stressed to the max eggs you get in the store. I would use at least 2% milk. Whole would be better. I would think even heavy whipping creme would be good. For 12 eggs I guess somewhere around 1 to 1 1/2 cups of milk.
sounds really tasty.....

we just had breakfast burritos for supper the other night...

left over fattie, cheese, eggs, sundried tomato tortillas, salsa
Tom -
That sounds great! I do a simailar thing but never thought to call it a buritto. I always called it an omlette sandwich. Never tried smoked meat other than fatties though! Inspirational!

Oh yeah, I heard about that, largest pour in Ozarks history, 40 truck loads or so at one shot. Stack for the new power plant Springfield City Utilities is building. That place keeps growing, hard to see how with no industry (and they don't want any).
Sounds good Tom. I think it's fair you get the credit for the idea as well. I'm well over a million miles myself and have ate breakfast burrito's everyplace I know to get one, but I've never ran into an egg tortilla. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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