Growin' Yer Own

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Just a thiught, guys'n gals. Seems that lately there has been a bit of chatter about growing peppers, etc. I like to grow my own herbs and veggies and have done so for years. How about we all sound off and maybe we can get a thread or two going on growing our own stuff to support our smoking habit or our cooking in general. Good idea or not so good idea? Lets hear it!
Boy Monty, I hope that the DEA don't get wind that you want to "grow your own" to support your "smoking" habit!!!! :shock: :shock: Oh, wait a minute-you're talking about VEGETABLES AND HERBS (my bad! :twisted:)
Thanks, Dutch, for validating my intended pun! :D But, really, what about the subject matter? Whadoyathink? And lets not forget the satisfaction thing that goes along with our pride in producing the best tasting food possible!
It's that wisted mind thing Monty. :mrgreen:
I'm up for thread on growing veggies and herbs as long as it's general in nature (bad pun I know).
Trust, me, Dutch, we are only a few years apart in age and I am sure we understand each other well! It's just that there are such easily attained flavors from fresh grown herbs like oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, chives and other herbs as well as cultivating things like tomatoes and peppers, fennel and more. If we are gonna go for the best bang what a thrill it is to take it to the limit (Sorry, Eagles) with our own fresh products! Just a thought to keep the site active and alive. To evolve is to survive!
yo monty dude,
i think a herb and veggie GROWING thread could fit nicely.
you definitly have my support and wishes for sucess in this matter.

in my opinion.
the one thing thats best about this great place ,
is the wealth of EXPERIENCE and knowledge thats freely given.

i live in a apartment.
for both summers that i have been here i have had
container grown tomatoes. [in 5 gallon buckets]
this summer i grew corriander and spearmint in
the tomatoe buckets after they got a little height on them.

i had to water every day,so i couldnt get away for long weekends.
i will try to go hydroponically next season.

i luv this place!!
Yo! Larry!
Most seed catalogs have seeds specially produced for container growing. Just do a search for seeds and you will find a bazillion free catalogs available as well as a great deal of super info on the subject! Not to mention books galore!
If you need a hand, holler!
There's two positive responses, do I hear three, four?
Sorry, I am getting a bit carried away! Let it roll!
Sounds good to me! I don't have the space I once did and salt air/soil is not the best to grow things in. But I can at least grow patio type stuff. And I do intend to grow the TAMs next spring. I have several herbs that I grow (Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Sage) and as everyone knows, those fresh herbs are the very best. So I also support the thread. Let's do it!

Fl Bill
I grew peppers on the patio this year, and was tickled with the outcome.

My wife and I are planning for next years garden. Herbs, more varieties of peppers, and some tomatoes. I'm excited just thinking about it.

I'm all for it guys! I've maintained my own garden for many years, and I agree with Srmonty, that a dedicated thread goes hand-in-hand with our passion for producing great food. There's no question that fresh veggies and herbs are the perfect compliment to a great "Q-feast" and its hard to beat the satisfaction of watching/nurturing your own produce grow into a successful harvest.

Sounds like a winner to me.Ive been in the garden since I was knee high to a grasshopper.We have a large garden every year and we can and freez alot of food.Fresh herbs are a wonderful thing and can be kept for a good while.I also have many types of fruits in my orchard.Id be interested in learning and sharing experiences.
Don't forget to start saving your urine.

Not kidding.

Search the internet for the words urine and peppers.
So, do they use urine to grow peppers in Uritrea err, uhhh, I mean Eritria, Chi Bill? I did the search several ways and came up empty handed. Perhaps you could drop a few URLs to us for research. Hey, you really have piqued my curiosity! Wish I had more time to look around but I have to go back to work tonight. Snowin' and blowin' here!
So far I am pleased with all the positive responses for the creation of a new thread on "Growin Yer Own". Its a great way to get the best bang for one's cooking enjoyment. Very satisfying.
I would be curious to hear a bit from our Forum Principals, the two Jeffs, on the subject.
Now these people want you to buy there book, but you get the jist.

Non commercial site PACKED with info on all gorwing from seed. Way to large for me, but the urine tip is in there. 3 parts water 1 part urine

I'm not kidding. I know a pepper head that is a firm believer in the phosphorus urine trick. He gives me peppers all the time. The wife throws them in the trash. I then mentioned that the phosphorus that she puts on her plants comes from cow effluent. Her response, I drink her milk, I might as well eat her urine (she used a bad word there).

Woman logic. Not touching it
Thanks for the info, Chi Bill. I know that there is a great validity to using urine as described in those sites. For the time being, however, I will continue to use my usual natural soil ammendments. Thanks for adding another interesting facet to our hobbies and sharing it with the entire forum! :)
Hey there,Ive heard all kinds of tricks over the years for growing different plants.What I have found to work best is taking a soil sample and send it to your local county extension office for thier input.Following their recommendations and adding nutrients to bring your soil to where it should be works for me.Nitrogen,phosphorus.potassium,and proper pH levels will grow a good garden every time.Proper soil type,tilth.and texture also is a must.This can be ammended by adding organic materials over a period of years to improve your soil,but dont get to carried away,smoking meat and drinking beer is fun too.
Excellent advice, Dave! I have found that nothing works better than the old fashioned way. Know your soil, know the needs of your crop and go from there! And as always remembering to put back what you take. I always have a large compost bin going and use a soil testing kit available at any agway or similar store as well as through the many catalog houses!
I have been growing good stuff since I was knee high to a grashopper, too. And that grasshopper has a mighty long beard now!
Just don't associate the urine trick with my "bag of tricks" :)

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