Ground Brisket Burgers.

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Dec 25, 2010
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Yeah i did trim and grind a brisket. Going to reserve 5lbs for some sausage.



Ready for the weber.


I've been using an inside round for ground beef recently, and have used lots of shoulder clods and other cuts; all pretty good although I think I'm gonna stick with the inside round if the price warrants. How'd the brisket stack up? Curious if it might warrant the extra cost. Burgers look great btw!
Brisket is just about the only thing I grind for burgers these days - it's also still the least expensive cut around here, though prices have gone up a bit.
I've been trying all sorts of cuts, and have been meaning to try brisket. What other cuts have you tried, and how does this compare?

I've used the following, either by themselves or in combination:

Flap meat
Boneless shortribs
Chuck roast
Oxtail (always mixed with something else)

I keep coming back to the traditional chuck roast, but am always hoping to find something even better.
The ground brisket looks amazing!!! I tried some combo grinds, but ended up liking only chuck ground medium. But the butcher chuck is more than the Costco brisket...sooo next grind might be a brisket!
Having limited experience with briskets.. is there anything in there i should cut out rather than grind? Thinking tendons n veins and whatnot.. if i can get away without trimming much if at all, that would prob justify any extra cost in time and weight. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.