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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey guys I have a #32 hand grinder which I motorized and I dont think you can beat the setup.I can grind about 7 lbs. per minute and you dont have to do much cubeing.You can throw in chuncks as big as the grinder throat will allow and it wont bog down.You can get the grinder and wheel from Cabelas.This will run around $100.The motor is 1/2 H.P.@1750 R.P.M.With a 1 inch pully on the motor this will give you about 150 R.P.M. on the grinder which is ideal.
Sweet setup Dac. I like you use of the stainless there. It make's cleanup a heck of a lot easier. I may have to go to Cabela's this weekend (got one about 30 minutes south of me just off the freeway).
Hi Larry,yes that is a 3/8 grinder plate.I have a 1/8,3/16,3/8,and1/2 inch plate to use for different sausages.
Way to go Dac! I don't have the space to dedicate to a similar setup. I rely on a grinder I got out of Cabelas as well. The $99 El Cheapo that I got on sale for $79! Works flawlessly and tucks away nicely when not in use.
I'm new to this site and have a grinder problem, When i mix my pork and venison together i have a problem with the pork fat wrapping around the grinder screw and will not go through, it just sticks to the screw and goes around and around. i end up taking it all apart and cleaning up the screw and it will work for about a pound and then wrap again. it seems to do it if the meat mixture is thawed or frozen. anybody have any suggestions on what to do, i'm lost . I have a #32 grinder in which i have motorized, the setup is very nice if it would feed through.
Newt,I have had similar problems but it isnt fat it was the connecting tissues of the venison.I cant see fat giving you a problem like you describe.Have you cleaned your deer meat very very good?When I grind deer I cut it down to pure meat.I know it is a pain and takes a lot of time.People bring me deer to grind and I have the same problem your talking about and its because they havnt cleaned the meat good.Give it a try and let me know if it helps,bet it will.How bout a pic of your setup,Id like to see how you done yours,David
newt, dac is correct about the connective tissues. That's why our Native American brothers used sinew for bowstrings, the stuff is dang near industructable. Also your meat and fat should be well chilled below 40 deg. (I like to chill mine down to about 34-36 degrees) this will help in preventing bacteria from getting a strong hold on you sausage.
thanks guys i'll try another batch soon using your recomendations. thanks for the info
Nice setup dacdots, I used the same grinder for a few years with just the crank handle, worked great, especially with a helper to do the cranking. I fell off the deep end since I started making venison summer sausage, meat sticks, burger, etc, :twisted: and may have went to the Dark Side with the purchase of Cabelas 1.5 HP stainless #32 grinder. Quite a jump from the hand crank model of my past. :roll: It's funny what one's stomach can make a man do. BEAR :lol:
Bear,youre right about the hand crank.It wasnt too bad as I could still grind a lot of meat by hand especially with a helper.With the motor on that baby I can grind just as fast as I can feed it in now.All the material for the grinder set up I got at work for free and the large pully wheel I got from Cabelas for 39.99.Maybe someday Ill get an electric grinder but for now this one works fine.I have a 20 lb. meat mixer on the way now for mixing up ground meat and spices.Mixing by hand was a job I didnt like at all,not only was it a pain but it froze your hands off.
Cool set-up. Mine is similar as I have mine mounted to my workbench and the motor underneath. I still have to make a belt guard. (Be careful as an exposed belt can take off a finger quite easily) What size grinder plates do you guys use for your summer sausage? :)
Smoky, I course grind, mix with season and then finish grind with a 4.5 as I am stuffing. For me, this seems to make the best texture, and all :( (most all) the little mustard seeds can make it through without damage. BEAR
On the subject of grinders...there are different numbers. The Sausage Maker catalog shows a #8, #10, #22, #32. Does this have something to do with the size of the grinder?#10 being bigger than #8? Larger the #, more meat ground per hr.?
the grinding plate is bigger the higher the #--
so more meat is processed per turn of handle.

for clamp on table grinders [c clamp style]

12-22-32 are bolt down grinders.

i think# 10 clamp and #12 bolt are the same size.

i use a manual # 8 grinder.
[porkert brand-with stuffing attachments]
my usual batch is 5 lb.
my big batches -so far -have been 10 lbs.
this works great for me.---i luv it.

BUT it seems that the #10 is easier to get parts for,
the sausage maker has #8 plates and knives.
i have bought plates and a knife from them.
they have different size holes--knife is kept for spare.

a#10 manual is about 50 bucks
a #8 will go 40.
make sure and check if grinder has stuffing attachment.
a stuffer will cost another $65.

the sausage maker has a electric # 8 for 99 bucks
this unit has stuffing attachment.
Thanks Larry, I was totally confused and wasn't sure what to buy. You have settled the confusion.
Well to go along with the deal find on the smoker, I got a #22 handcrank grinder used for 18.00 it is one of the old cast/galv models but is clean and works well. Now just the stuffer tube kit from Cabella's and I'm in the sausage bidness....

Going to make some spicy snack sticks for starters. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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